Whether taking up MBA after Engineering a good option?

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Whether taking up MBA after Engineering a good option?You might be wondering as to Why is MBA after Engineering such a popular decision taken up in India? Basically Engineers having a background in Computer Engineering are more or less attached in the IT Industry and as a result they feel the need to take up an MBA Degree for future prospects.

Not just them, even Engineers with non-IT background who are completely into Mechanical, Electrical & Mining field also feel the need to have a MBA Degree. People engaged in working in a production planning area, for electrical engineers working right there for power sector, energy sector, power generation, distribution, transmission jobs etc. Lastly Engineers who are already into business & keen on getting straight away into marketing, sales & finance should opt for MBA post Engineering.

Even though Software Engineers are far more ahead of their contemporaries, despite that they feel the need to get a MBA Degree. As they say mid-life crisis is also suffered along with it. The overall excitement of joining a new company dies within 3-4 years.

As far as the Mechanical & Electrical Engineers are concerned, many have shifted their base from their actual academic specialization as a result now there are very few of them who are willing to get back to their original domains. They feel the support of MBA because an MBA Degree provides a good look for breaking away from the clutter. IT Engineers have the opportunity to shine through & take up the responsibility of Managerial position on their shoulders with the help of MBA Degree.

As compared to other industries, for Software Engineers the show time is pretty early. They can land up in a Manager’s position within 4-5 years. By now we know that an Engineering Degree shall teach you on how to apply your knowledge practically where as MBA Degree shall lead you to teaching how to manage people carrying Engineering Degrees. An additional skill of managing responsibility & tasks works well with any Engineer & leads in hike in incomes, better facilities, exposure to competitive market etc. Due to these reasons companies normally prefer employees with multi tasking skills.

Thus any company would give preference to an employee with MBA post Engineering over a Engineering graduate. Engineers taking up MBA Program post Engineering prove to be as a national treasure.

Thus if you are an Engineer, then do think of taking up MBA post Engineering to give your career that extra boost!! 🙂 Share with us your reviews.

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