What is Agriculture Engineering

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What is Agriculture Engineering:

Agricultural Engineering is one of the infinite streams, from this entire Universe of Engineering. Agriculture engineering comprises the application and implementation of engineering principles and techniques to the occupation of Agriculture.

To put it in another words it’s the use of Engineering Principles & techniques to Agriculture, which enables to increase the efficiency, thereby increasing the Output of the Agricultural production. Agricultural engineering comprises other streams of engineering too, namely: Civil, Chemical, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering.

Apart from the above mentioned fact of increasing the Agricultural output or efficiency, agricultural engineering involves other aspects, the following which are mentioned below:

  • It involves the designing of the agricultural machinery, equipments, tools, spares which are used for the purpose of agricultural activities.
  • It also involves the invention of several distinct heavy machinery for e.g. tractors, threshers, tillers etc which can be used for agricultural activities such as Sowing of seeds, tilling of land etc.
  • Agricultural engineering also to some extent involves the study of water conservation systems and water management systems, crop irrigation methods & improvised facilities, soil erosion etc.
  • It also includes the activities of land surveying and profiling, atmospheric science & climatology, processing of crops and other allied activities namely: seeding, tilling of land, harvesting & processing of crops.
  • Agricultural engineering also involves other areas of tasks and activities which are required to perform by agricultural engineers namely: planning, supervising the agricultural activities, taking care of and improvising irrigation facilities, performing environmental & climatic assessments etc.
  • Agricultural engineering not only involves the agricultural activities but also involves other aspects of cattle care and animal husbandry.

Thus, all Agricultural Engineers are required to obtain and possess a thorough knowledge of all the above mentioned factors and aspects. Besides this an Agricultural Engineer also requires to possess adequate knowledge, with respect to Computers & Technology, so as to make the most out of modern technology equipments.

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