Use of Calculator in CAT 2015

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Use of Calculator in CAT 2015

It is a known by now, that the CAT 2015 entrance exam has undergone changes & it is not surprising at all. CAT 2015 has introduced on screen calculator along with a host of other related changes. With this change, students are really happy & at peace. The experts believe that the introduction of calculator will definitely boost the morale of those candidates who are weak in the Quantitative Ability area.

For all the CAT 2015 exam aspirants this change has brought a sort of relief to all of them. Although the introduction of calculator is meant to save your time and ease your preparation for calculation intensive questions, you need to adapt yourself with it in order to utilize the tool. There are some set of rules which are needed to be practiced before appearing for CAT 2015 entrance exam.

In order to be able to utilize the on screen calculator to the fullest, you must practice before hand. Candidates must start making use of the calculator used in PC for solving their sums & mathematical problems. Use the calculator on your computer screen while taking mock tests or test series. This will give you an idea how much time it takes for you to solve a problem with or without the calculator. It might so happen that with the introduction of calculator in CAT 2015, more of calculation-intensive questions can be expected in the entrance exam. The calculator shall help students to solve the calculations involved in Data Interpretation as well as Quantitative Ability questions.

Just as the short cut methods one uses for solving Quantitative problems, there are short tricks for using the calculator as well. Try and make use of those tricks wherever possible.  If you have practiced speed calculations or Vedic calculations, you will be habituated with the shortcut methods. Do not stop practicing the speed calculation techniques owing to the presence of calculator. Even if you are comfortable with your calculation skills, ensure the accuracy during revision by checking the answers with calculator. The plus point in doing so is that one can certainly avoid the negative marking which can be allotted to students in case of wrong answers.

Hence, our own only advice to all the CAT aspirants is that make the most out of the opportunity provided to you. Consider this change or the new announcement as a blessing in disguise. It is expected that the students shall be encouraged to score more & solve the problems within less time.

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