UPSC CDS 2015 Application Form

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UPSC CDS 2015 Application Form:

(a)Availability of Examination Application Form:

All the Candidates/Aspirants are requested to take note that all the UPSC CDS 2015 Examination Application Form shall be available only from the website. Click here to apply for the Form.

Application Fees:

  • All Candidates (excepting Female/SC/ST) are required to make a payment of INR 200/-.
  • The payment is required to be made at the SBI Branch by Cash mode, or the State Bank of Bikaner or the State Bank of Hyderabad/Mysore or the State Bank of Patiala
  • Candidates can also make the payment by the means of Debit Card/Credit Card.

Important Instructions to fill the Application Form:

  • All the Candidates are requested to fill and submit a single application form only. Where it has been found that the Candidate/Aspirant has filled and submitted more than one application forms then the Candidates should make sure to see that the application form with the higher RID (registration ID) is filled and complete in all respects such as that of the application fees, details, centres, photograph, signature and other necessary information.
  • For the above mentioned purpose the Candidates are also required to note that the exam application form with the higher RID shall be entertained by the Commission and the fees paid against one RID shall not be adjusted against the other in any circumstances.
  • All the Candidates/Aspirants who are already working in the Government Sector, or Government Undertaking or Public Sector Undertakings are required to submit the Application form only through the online mode of application.
  • All the above mentioned categories of Candidates/Aspirants mentioned above are requested to notify and inform their Head of Office/Dept in writing that they have applied or intending to apply for the Respective Examination.
  • Also Candidates who are already serving in the Armed forces are required to inform their Commanding Officer in writing stating their intention of appearing for the examination. The Candidate will have to produce and present the NOC letter with respect to the Same.
  • All the Candidates are required to comply and adhere by the Eligibility Criteria issued by the Commission for appearing in the Upcoming 2015 Examinations, click here to check the eligibility Criteria.
  • If upon verification, it has come to then notice of the Commission, that the Respective Candidate has not adhered to or complied by the rules then their Candidature is liable to be rejected.
  • All the Candidates are requested to keep their original documents ready after the declaration of the result, where the candidates have passed out or cleared the Examination.
  • Candidates who have not yet qualified for their final degree examination must present a copy or a certificate in the Original Format from the Principal or the Dean of the College/University stating the same.

Admit Card/Admission Certificate:

  • All the Admit Cards/Admission Certificates will be issued at least 3 weeks before the date of the Commencement of the Examination.
  • All the Candidates are requested to download the Admit Card from the website directly, click here ┬áto download the Admit Card/Admission Certificate.
  • All the Candidates are requested to note down that no Admit Card/Admission Certificate shall be issued by Post Or Courier.
  • While downloading the Admit Card/Admission Certificate all the Candidates are requested to keep the Vital information by their side namely the RID, Date of Birth, Father Name Etc.
  • Where the Candidate/Aspirants cannot download the application form then he/she should immediately contact the Commission at these numbers 011-2338527/ 011-23381125/ 011-23098543.

Last Date of Submitting the Application:

  • 5th December 2014

Date of the UPSC CDS 2015 Exam:

  • 15th February 2015

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