Undergraduate Courses in Marine Engineering

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Undergraduate Courses in Marine Engineering:

Marine Engineering is one of the many streams and disciplines of the vast Universe of Engineering, which is relative to other relative disciplines of science and Naval Architecture. The word marine in simple and basic English means “Oceans and Seas”

Thus this stream of Engineering primarily deals with the research activities which are required to be conducted in seas and oceans and other territorial waters on the face of the earth, which are connected to every sea.

Marine engineering is related to the research, study, the designing, creating and innovating all kinds of marine transport vehicles such as that of Boats, Cruise liners, Steamers, Barges and all other kinds of seas and ocean transport vehicles.

All Marine engineers have to shoulder the responsibility for selecting several machinery and components of sea transport vehicles namely the engines, the steam turbines, the gas turbines etc. they are also required to administer and supervise the installation of the entire electrical and the fluid control system of the entire ship.

With all the above being said, the past few decades have suddenly witnessed a surge in many potential students and candidates taking admissions to several course and programs in marine engineering.

So here is an article on Undergraduate Courses in Marine Engineering, for all those who are interested in becoming a Marine Engineer:

  • Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelors of Technology Degree in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelors of Technology Degree in Naval Architecture
  • Bachelors of Technology Degree in Ocean Engineering

Eligibility Criteria for the above Bachelors Degree:

  • All the potential Students are required to meet and comply with the terms and conditions for pursuing the above mentioned degrees:
  • All the students should have passed out the 10+2 HSC Board Examination or any other Equivalent Examination in India.
  • The above mentioned 10+2 HSC Board Examination should have been passed from any Recognized Education Board in India.
  • The above examination should have passed out with subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Also all the students are required to pass out and clear the Joint Entrance Examination, which is also known as the JEE for securing admission to Government Marine Engineering Colleges and Institutes.
  • For Private Marine Engineering Institutes, the admissions may depend upon whether they are conducting their own private entrance examinations or on Merit Basis.

Duration of the Undergraduate Marine Engineering Course:

  • The Duration of the course will be for 4 Years.

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