Turn your unemployment phase into full-fledged self-employment

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Take a quick look at yourself before looking out for business options For any person in this world, losing a job was never an easy thing & never can be, no matter what so ever the cause is.Even if this is not the situation another situation that can take its place is, if one is tired of someone else having control of your employment as well as financial future?

Solution is same in both the cases. Take a look at the former employees who decided to take their pink slip & started off on a big ride with their ticket to entrepreneurship. One can simply start with a small idea & as & when they start growing, they can have a hell lot of army force for themselves. One necessarily does not need a major venture altogether to earn a living by being self-employed.

Given below are few tips on how to turn your unemployment phase into full-fledged self-employment.

1. Take a quick look at yourself before looking out for business options

There are way too many options available if one considers self employment. One should come to know what all skills, interests & personality traits are required & try to locate them within oneself. Few people are in support of one-support operation where as other people wish to have employee’s helping hand in their organization/group.

The better one knows oneself, the better he/she will be able to figure out things at the earliest possible manner. If one is opting for self-employment, various roles like Sales & Marketing Director, Accountant, Customer Service Representative etc.

2. Get your facts checked

There are too many books available on entrepreneurship options. One must keep looking until he/she finds something really interesting & fits your design.

3. Make the most of your former job experience for your venture

Many people try to get into a business/venture which is related to their former service. There are many companies who cannot afford full-time employees & hence hire consultants or contract workers. Hence keep looking for such job sites & companies who are in a search of such part-time employees or contract based workers.

4. Create a portfolio career

Apart from working at one single job, a person can include a portfolio career with multiple part-time jobs that shall include part-time self-employment, temporary jobs as well as part time jigs. It thus provides various flexibility as well as self-marketing skills.

5.How about turning your hobby into a business?

There are many such hobbies which can very well be transformed into home-based business such as making handicraft items, baking, cooking, providing various services like computer repairing services, buying & selling items etc.

Try following the above simple tricks to turn into an entrepreneur & get the best from your self-employment. 🙂

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