Top paying career options for freshers in India

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Before getting into any stream or career options, people like to have a overlook at the trending career options or Top 5 career options in India/Highest paying career options in India Each & every person is in a bid to make the most of their available opportunity & rake as much moolah as possible. Hence they choose their area of study or choose a field which pays them the highest.Few career options have been the favorite amongst many individuals for very obvious reasons like high pay, flexibility in work, comfort level, depth of interest etc..

The job scenario in India is changing with more & more opportunities reaching out to young men & women.  It is now the age of pre-placement jobs with big companies reaching out to Colleges & Universities to hire the best talent of them all. Candidates are selected on the basis of their merit, skills as well as the talent. These young guns of India are then supposed to undergo some training sessions & probationary period in order to turn into a full fledged part of the Company. With this interesting introduction, let us take a look at the Top paying career options for freshers in India.

Top paying career options for freshers in India

1. Master in Business Administration (MBA) is undoubtedly the most sought after top paying careers today. along with MBA, the commerce stream is known to inculcate wide range of inter disciplinary branches which includes Accountancy, E-Commerce, Finance, Marketing apart from Business Administration.

So as to contribute in the growth of economy the need for talented people is always there. Various Commerce colleges in India are offering quality courses to the students. Freshers can take up a job either in Private firm or in Government sector as a specialist. Also fresh graduates are generally recruited on-campus. They find suitable recruitment in corporate organizations, Multinationals, Banks, BPO’s, foreign financial institutions etc..

2. Information Sector is a fast moving technology. There are enormous career options for freshers in IT sectors. The career in this field includes companies from consulting, software development, BPO’s, software management and the online services. As compared to other disciplines of Engineering such as Electrical, Mechanical, chemical, Electronic engineering, it is the IT sector that earns the maximum.

3. Professional Services  of that of Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers etc completely depends on the candidate’s skills. Specialization occurs in this field every now & then. These professionals are held in high esteem in our society.

4. The glamour world of journalism, media & entertainment industry promises glamour & power. There are many institutions which offer courses in Mass Communication, Art & Theater workshops. People over here end up turning their hobbies into professions. Endless career opportunities are available for freshers such as that of radio jockey, news reporter, anchor, cameraman, editor, musician, video technologist, media planner, public relation officer etc..

Apart from the above top notch careers, there is also space for hospitality careers, fashion designing etc..  What the fresh lot must do is assess their true abilities, interest as well as personality, make up a primary list of careers & explore them as well as get to know more about the job profiles, requirements etc.. Once you are done with it, pick the one that suits you the best!! 🙂

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