Top Books to Prepare for National Talent Search Examination

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Best Books to Prepare for NTSE


National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a scholarship program held at national level in India by the NCERT to identify students with high academic and intellect talent. The aim of this exam is to recognize the talented students and motivate their talent. Talent, that refers to the possibility that marks itself in a high level of performance in any specific areas. NCERT carries out this National Talent Search Examination for the students studying in X Std.

The examination mainly consists of two parts:

  • Mental Ability Test (MAT)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Both the test will be having Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Student has to select correct answer from the given alternatives.

Many of the students must be planning to prepare for this NTSE exam, as in the previous piece of writing “National Talent Search Examination 2014 conducted by NCERT” we have mentioned about the examination. With reference to the same, as many talented students will be applying for the exam, here are top books to prepare for the NTSE test:

Study Package for NTSE Class X: This book is McGraw-Hill Education India Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi, this book covers the entire syllabus of IX and X Std. It has various examples wherever, it is needed. In this book as per the difficulty level, they have updated and revised MAT section.

Lakshya NTSE Class 10: This set of book is published by Disha publication which is compiled by AIETS experts. This set consisted of 4 booklets that is 3 for SAT and for MAT with 5 test series for SAT and MAT each. This set of book will help you prepare and excel in NTSE with its comprehensive program.

A Comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X: This manual is been published by Access Publishing India Pvt. Ltd, Delhi and written by H. D. Madan, Shabnam Johry, Vimal Rarh, N. D. Arora, R. A. Sharma, Majid Husain, V. Sasikumar and Abhijit Guha. This book includes English language test with MAT and SAT. The book has three parts that MAT, SAT and five practice papers.

Study Guide for NTSE (Class 10): This study guide is published by Disha Publications, New Delhi and is a comprehensive book to prepare for NTSE. This book comprises exclusive syllabus of 10th standard and MAT sections.

These are some of the best books for NTSE with related topics. Hope these books will help you prepare for NTSE. If you have any query share those with us in comment section.

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