Top 5 Reasons for doing MBA

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reasons for doing MBA

Now that we live in such an era where in, let it be a fresh Graduate, or the one with few years of work experience is in a awe to earn an MBA Degree. It so happens that, people many a times end up making their mind to go for MBA without even really knowing how an MBA helps the individual to grow & help his/her career a better one.

Many odd lots start preparing for their MBA application without answering the basic question Why MBA? The answer to this question holds importance in every aspect. Securing an MBA Degree can prove to be a life changing experience for many.

To start with, there are mainly 2 kinds of MBA Aspirants.

  1. The ones who have completed their Graduation or are still in their Final Year. Such aspirants mostly go with the CAT Exam.
  2. Those aspirants who have gained few years of experience ( say 2 to 6 years) & who wish to achieve the maximum potential in their professional life are in a bid to take up with the GMAT route.

The most typical commonly found reasons for getting an MBA Degree are

1. They want to earn more money.

2. The current job is not interesting enough.

But these are not the only reasons for getting an MBA Degree, being that one’s perspective cannot be so short-term based. Definetely  one needs to have more value based & well-thought out reasons to pursue MBA. Here we present few of the full proof reasons to get an MBA Degree.

  Top 5 Reasons for doing MBA:

Lets start from the least convincing point as a reader, so that by the time we reach to our reason no.1 we hope you get the bottom line of getting an MBA Degree.

5. Self-Growth: 

Whatever goals one may have had before joining an MBA Program, one may realize that, once you step into it, your true calling lies somewhere else. The classroom experience, interaction with faculty & peers , student activities, case studies etc help to a lot extent in changing one’s perspective towards it.

The truth is, until & unless one starts working, only then he/she can find answers to the questions like Who am I? What are my potentials? Being at this stage, one is overburdened with responsibilities, such that many are not fortunate enough to follow their passion. This way many are able to discover a new person within themselves once they Graduate from a B-School.

4. Brand Equity:

An MBA Degree on most occasions is considered as a feather in your cap & doing it from Top B-Schools proves to be an added advantage. Recruiters are very well known about the fact that, how difficult it is to get into a top B-School & an MBA Degree from such a B-School holds a brand value.

MBA Degree from a reputed B-School proves one’s worth of becoming a successful leader in the near future. Recruiters are well assured regarding the potentials of candidates Graduating from top B-School since they have already undergone the assessment procedure once.

3. Knowledge: 

Spending a million bucks just to acquire knowledge is not a wise thing to do. But the reality is knowledge that can help one progress in career cannot be found only in books or the internet. The real knowledge is said to have acquired by interacting with professors & peers over intellectual debates.

Along with that case studies, presentations, projects, research papers etc help a lot extent in nurturing one’s knowledge. An MBA Degree & a Good B-Schools prepares its students in all the aspects so that he/she can view the area of management from all the angles & make the best use of provided information.

2. Career Shift:

This is a major path & factor which many people in this world come across. What are the chances that one can shift to another role or industry with the current education, role & experience? The chances are almost negligible. What if one comes to know that his/her true calling is in some other department or field & not the one for which he/she is currently working?

Even if one starts with a new field all together, over here they’ ll need to start at an entry level. The work experience of their previous field shall not be of much use to them. It is here that an MBA Program can help. Thus one of the reasons why professionals choose to do an MBA is to change their career track smoothly.

1. Career Progression:

By indulging in hardwork & result-oriented targets, one can expect promotions & reach a decent position in the management. One needs to be unique in major aspects so as to stand out in the crowd & be a little different from others. An MBA Degree from a top B-School can help one making a quick transition from a mid-level role to a senior management position swiftly.

For a senior position an MBA Degree is preferred on most occasions.  An MBA Degree perks up the career of an individual in true sense!!

Hope these reasons were convincing enough to let candidates asking for more in their career with a dash of MBA from a top B-School.

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