Top 5 Chefs in India

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For all those people out there..if you love food & really enjoy cooking, becoming a Chef could be a perfect career for you. Chefs are blessed with the talent of preparing food using a variety of cooking methods. They cultivate the habit of working as a part of a team in large kitchens, where in the Head Chef runs the entire kitchen & looks after all the cuisines prepared there in.

In India we have a handful of Chefs who prepare food which tastes heavenly. But keep in mind becoming a good Chef is not an overnight journey. It requires immense dedication, creativity & imagination for food presentation, monitoring food production to ensure consistent quality & portion size, stock control, making sure that the food is served promptly etc.

Initially one starts his/her career as Kitchen Assistant or Trainee Chef. With enough experience, one progresses to Section Chef followed by Sous Chef & end up becoming a Head Chef.

Let us take a cue at some of the Indian Chefs who have been successful enough in their journey of becoming a Chef & have carved a turning point in a way, touching many lives all together.

Top 5 Chefs in India

Here we introduce some of the best Chefs who have already proved their worth & demonstrated that India is a country of Foods & Festivals. Let us have a look.

1. Sanjeev Kapoor:

Who does’nt know Sanjeev Kapoor? a household name in Indian kitchens, Sanjeev Kapoor has made admirable contributions to Indian dishes in the form of delicious recipes as well as cook books. He being the most famous Indian Chef who makes frequent television appearance, holds a Diploma in Hotel Management from Indian Institute of Hotel Management.

sanjeev kapoor


He has to his credit titles like “Best Executive Chef of India” Award. He has penned few valuable books such as Low Calorie Vegetarian Cookbook, Khazana of Indian Recipes, Healthy Indian Cooking for Diabetes, Cocktail Snacks etc.

2. Vikas Khanna:

Vikas Khanna, born on 14th November 1971 is an award winning Michelian starred Indian Chef restaurateur, filmmaker, humanitarian & a former host on the television show MasterChef India. Apart from his culinary skills he is famous for his good looks as well. He has been voted as “New York’s Hottest Chef” by “The New York Eater Blog”. He is certainly the inspiration for many.

vikas khanna


He completed his Graduation in Hotel Administration in 1994 & now is the owner of SAANCH.  He has to his credit his New York based Restaurant Junoon. He has authored a handful of books like Mango Mia- Celebrating the tropical world of Mangoes & Vikas Khanna Ayurveda- The Science of Food & Life. Recently he grabbed some eyeballs for co-hosting President Barack Obama’s Cocktail Reception.

3. Madhur Jaffrey:

An actor by profession, Madhur Jaffrey was born on 13th August 1933. She has many feathers in her cap from being active in radio, theatre, television and film as well as a Food Writer writing down numerous cookbooks & being a Television Chef, introduced the Western world to the many cuisines of India.

madhur jaffrey

She won accolades for “Shakespeare Wallah” which gave her a chance to kick off an incredible career in the world of cooking. Her first show appeared on BBC Television in 1989.

4. Tarla Dalal:

The Late Tarla Dalal is not a very uncommon name for the cooking freaks. She is another Indian Celebrity Chef who made it big & became famous across the world. Her books are performing at the best level since past 20 years. She is considered in the list of top 5 best selling cookbook authors in the world. Her bimonthly magazine “Cooking & More” is one of the most sought after cooking guides in India.

tarla dalal

Tarla Dalal has also been honored with the famous “Padmashree Award” in 2007 for her remarkable contributions to Indian Cooking. She specializes in the field of vegetarian cooking.

5. Harpal Singh Sokhi:

Harpal Singh is a pretty popular name in blending traditional Indian Foods with global touch. He is a Graduate from the catering school at Bhubaneshwar. He mastered the art by learning authentic Hyderabadi food under Ustad Habib Pasha.

He secured “The Most Admired Chef” Award on television in June 2012. He became a famous household name after his program “Turban Tadka”  on Food Food Channel.

The above listed chefs are a true inspiration. They have come a long way in their journey & won many hearts by serving the authentic delicacies in the platter each day all most through out the world.

For more information, viewers can also read Chef as a Career option in India.

Let us know how you feel about it & share some more innovative ways to get better with the information on your platter!! 🙂

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