Top 5 career options in India

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Before getting into any stream or career options, people like to have a overlook at the trending career options or Top 5 career options in India. Each & every person is in a bid to make the most of their available opportunity & rake as much moolah as possible. Hence they choose their area of study or choose a field which pays them the highest. As mentioned in our previous article on Highest paying career options in India we had mentioned about all those careers which pay maximum in India.

With this article, we are here to give a brief idea on the Top 5 career options in India. These career options have been the favorite amongst many individuals for very obvious reasons like high pay, flexibility in work, comfort level, depth of interest etc.. Let us have a look at them as they hit the headlines being the Top 5 career options in India.

Top 5 career options in India

1. Career in Management

It cannot turn out to be a surprise for many since Management career sums up some of the top most paying jobs in India. With the boom in corporate sector in India, top Institutions, Colleges, Universities are paying hefty packages as much as Rs.7 lakhs per annum.

It can rightly be said that sky is the limit for Management Graduates. The main task of Management Executives is that of guarding company’s secrets & safeguard its interest.

2. Career in Software Engineering

IT has known to face many ups & downs since the late 90’s but it can never be wiped out from the service  sector. It has got various levels of progress within itself, right from entry level positions to team leaders or project managers which are ought to come out as the higher executive roles.

IT sector is said to be as one of the highest paying jobs in India. The entry level software engineers or programmers salary can start with Rs.5 to Rs.7 lakhs per annum & can grow further if one takes a grip of the ladder quickly.

3. Career in Aviation

Aviation jobs are the class apart jobs & known to have paid really well since their inception. The number of passengers are increasing day by day as well as the number of flights, low budget airlines etc are helping to a lot extent.

This field makes way for positions like Pilot or Flight Engineer etc.. There are many more avenues apart from these but the listed ones pay the maximum salary.

4. Careers in Chartered Accountancy

If one happens to ask, every fourth child in India wishes to become a Chartered Accountant. The world of a Chartered Accountant has become broad with the corporate sector, financial sector & banking sector expressing the desire to hire them.

Chartered Accountants can start up with their own practice as well as work under some reputed company & get involved in financial forecast, strategy & development as well as supervising other finance personnel.

5. Career in Medicine

A medicinal practitioner’s service can never come to an halt whether the economy is in boom or slum. People do need a doctor’s help every now & then. A degree in high specialization can demand lots of money.

Goodwill plays an important part in earning high income in the field of medicine. Also salary figures shall vary depending on where do you work, private clinic or government hospitals etc..

Moreover, if you excel at what you do, fame & money are all yours!! 🙂

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