Top 10 Resume tips

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Top 10 Resume tipsEveryone knows how important a resume is an essential part of marketing tool for any sort of job or even approaching for internship. Many things should be kept in mind while preparing a resume. Resume creates a lasting impression on the employer of a candidate & increases his/her chances of winning. Given below are a few tips. Please follow them closely.

  1. Start by looking at Resume workshops at your College or University. There are many professionals to help you out as well as guide you on how to prepare resumes. They are also in charge of giving you feedback for changes & improvements.
  2. Create a Master resume which can be customized into various unique versions. The employer must feel he has got what he was looking for. Make use of the right keywords & the industry language.
  3. Try to list your jobs as well as experience in a reverse chronological order. It should include important events like the Company, Title, Location, Dates of employment & Key Accomplishments. Recruiters are interested in viewing a short resume. So try to keep it as short & informative as possible.
  4. Avoid special characters or graphics for a neat & presentable resume. Make use of clean consistent spacing, font & bullet points. Name your document with your own name instead of “resume.doc” or “resume.pdf”
  5. Use very attractive, action words in order to highlight & describe the top three or four achievements related to your position. Make use of metrics & quantifiable results where ever possible.
  6. Highlight the positive points but do not over exaggerate nor take undue credit. Make sure you present authentic contact information. Use exact dates for mentioning work experience. Check spelling & grammar before making the final draft.
  7. Unnecessary inclusion of excessive items can turn out to be negative at times. Do not include extra documents or materials unless specifically demanded by the employer.
  8. Personal information should not be included unless it is directly related to the position.
  9. One should be completely aware about your resume. One should be able to speak it with great detail. One must be able to express your resume skills with great authenticity.
  10. Get some good references. The references should be genuine & the persons should know you before hand.

Share some more unique tips to improvise the resume so as to create a great impression on the employer. 🙂

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