Top 10 Overseas Universities for Undergraduate Study

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Best Overseas Universities for Graduation


Going overseas for undergraduate degree is one of the best options for you. An undergraduate degree from some top and reputed university abroad can add to your knowledge and benefit you with a rewarding career.

To select the best university for graduate degree is a challenging task. Many of the youngsters aspire to go abroad for undergraduate degree or higher education. But the first question that comes to the mind is which university to opt for their studies. Here are some of the top overseas universities of the world for undergraduate study:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

    Founded in 1861, this is an independent, coeducation as well as a privately capable educational institution in USA. The institute dedicates to provide education that combines academics and research.

  2. Harvard University:

    With best student experience and great financial aid courses, Harvard University was established in year 1636.

  3. University of Cambridge:

    This University is one of the largest and oldest universities in United Kingdom, established in year 1209. The university is well known for its quality of teaching and research carried out.

  4. University College London (UCL):

    This is a multidisciplinary university, founded in 1826 with a good international reputation in terms of research and teaching. The courses offered here are taught by active researches in the fields.

  5. Imperial College London:

    Established in 1907, this university is renowned for world class education and research in science, medicine and engineering, with meticulous view to their application in commerce, industry and health-care.

  6. University of Oxford:

    One of the most innovative universities of United Kingdom, Oxford was founded in year 1096. The university has maintained its old reputation for outstanding academic achievement since years.

  7. Stanford University:

    Started in 1885, this university is known as one of the leading educational and research institutes of the world. The university provides various courses in all the disciplines.

  8. Yale University:

    With an aim to become a truly global university advancing the frontiers of knowledge as well as educating leaders, this university was found in year 1701.

  9. University of Chicago:

    Founded in 1890, this University is devoted to superiority of research and the relationship of research to teaching. The university provides interdisciplinary education with courses determined on the study of original documents and classic works.

  10. California Institute of Technology (Caltech):

    With a mission to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. This university was started in 1891 and offers programmes in various disciplines.

Above are some of the best overseas universities/ colleges for undergraduate program. Hope this list of universities/ colleges will help you find a good university for graduation for yourself. If you have any query, share it with us through your comments.

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