Top 10 Jobs to work remotely

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One can truly say that the world is round with all its living beings meeting at some point or the other. The internet has created a vast variety of positions that can be filled from anywhere with an equally good & dependable internet connection. Right from crowd sourcing , to translating, to customer service management, one can easily find variety of jobs to work right from home.

Scheduling few of the Jobs which can be done from anywhere round the globe. Please have a glance at the same.

Top 10 Jobs to work remotely

1. Email Marketer: 

career as a e mail marketer

Basically Email Marketers design & implement online advertising campaigns, working for a specific company or may be even as Freelancers. Email Marketers are in charge of designing email advertising campaigns, managing subscriber lists, increasing company’s client approach. Email Marketers may work for either one company or multiple organizations as a freelancer.

Email Marketers usually have a background in marketing or public relations & must possess reasonably good communication skills in addition to the skills of web & graphic designing.

2. Promotional Video Maker:

promotional video maker

This profession has got a wider scope now a days with companies around the world looking for freelance employees to assist in film making & turning it into professional videography.  If one has a background in film making, one can consider a  career as a promotional video maker. With online video sites becoming extra ordinarily popular, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, every other company wishes to precast its video & garner applaud. These videos act as a promotional & advertisement campaign for the companies.

Video campaigns also involves lots of travelling to different shooting locations which seems to be ideal for people to work from distinct places.

3. Freelance Writer:

freelance writer

The only requirement for a freelance writer is an access to the internet which brings freelance writers an opportunity to work from home or any other location. One can easily take up the job of copywriting, to content marketing, there are immense opportunities in hand.

It can definitely turn out to be a good career opportunity when one gets hold of the right resources & a right direction to follow with.

4. Web or Graphic Designer:

graphic & web designer

With the availability of quality software web & graphic designers can work freelance or completely devoted to a company. Working for numerous clients, one can make money from this profession. Also tons of resources are available for the upcoming designers to learn from and open a new era for yourself.

In today’s world, nearly all the companies are in need of a web or graphic designer in their day to day routine to survive in the cut-throat competition.

5. Translator: 


Translators are the ones involved in translating books, webpages & articles. If one is a bilingual or linguist, in multiple languages & fond of majority of them, then the career as a translator cannot go wrong with you. These jobs can be done from any where around the world or may be as a freelancer.

Translators who are working online, may work for translating company, translate news stories, articles, webpages, books etc.

6. Customer Service Management:

customer service manager

Shopping sites are in a bid to hire customer service representatives to work online & cater to various customers. Too many companies including online retail companies & other organizations who are based completely online online, hire individuals in order to manage customer service requests.

If one comes across while online shopping, a popup saying “Chat now for Help” or may be “Send an E-mail for instance assistance” , the person on the other end, resolving your questions is probably working from a different place in association with the company. Individuals having a background in retail, customer service, marketing or communications are more or less preferred for this job.

7. Crowd Sourcing Manager:

crowd sourcing

People from sales, marketing, social media are responsible to help raise money through crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is accumulating funds in bulk for some cause. It raises funds via sites like IndieGoGo & Kickstarter. It is considered as one of the best ways of raising money for different projects like movies, music, charity projects & lastly event organizations.

There has been a constant need to raise funds with sales, marketing, social media. They are responsible to mange & raise funds & hence referred to as Crowd sourcing who can work even from home with the availability of internet connection.

8. Android or iPhone Developer:

android or iphone developer

Android  iPhone Developers can work from anywhere with the mere availability of internet connection. Those people having a background in computer science or may be even software engineering can choose to become an Android or iPhone Developer, who work to design & troubleshoot mobile apps.

With a combination of appropriate design software & internet availability, this job can be carried out from any where.

9. E-Book Publisher:

e book publisher

Authors are willing to publish most of their work online with E-book publishing coming up now a days. One can observe that the market for E-books is expanding as more and more people reach out to E-books rather than buying it from store/market. In turn it has created new scope for upcoming talented authors to publish their work.

E-book publishing requires strong marketing skills along with involvement in social media. This task can be performed from any where in the world.

10. Your Current Job:

current job

One may not even find the need to search for a job in order to work remotely, so as to convince one’s boss to let you work from home. It is possible for different types of Professionals to carry out their work from home. As technology becomes increasingly dominant everywhere, more companies are moving their operations online, many tasks can be done from anywhere around the world.

Be prepared to be flexible to be able to negotiate work from home. The more flexibility one suggests to the employer more his chances towards a “yes” answer increases by leaps .

Hope you draw few of the ideas from  Top 10 Jobs to work remotely. Share with us your feedback or innovative ideas to add on!! 🙂

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