Top 10 institutes for Video Jockey in India

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Best Institutes for Video Jockey


Video Jockey‘s usually presents music shows on Television. A video jockey can anchor various television programs, such as talk show, reality shows or different shows telecasted on music channels. VJs are mostly work for Music channels, film based programmes and Producers of music shows.

The profession of VJ provides scope for various fields such as Modelling, Acting, Music Videos etc., thus this is one of the reason that youth wants to go for this profession. There are various institutes that provide courses for VJ. Here are some of the top institutes/ colleges offering courses for Video Jockey:

Bangalore University: Located in the Garden City of Bangalore, this university was founded 1964. Apart from Bangalore this university is sited in other two districts of Bangalore Kolar and Tumkur. Website:

University of Calcutta: Established in 1857, by as order of the East India Company. This university is one of the finest universities of the country. Website:

Stella Maris College: Founded in 1947, this college was set up for higher education for women. This college is affiliate with University of Madras and is managed by the Society of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Website:

Mangalore University: Mangalore University was started for the educational accomplishments of the districts under the authority of the University. This university started working as an independent University in 1980. Website:

University of Madras: Madras University is said to be the mother of all the old Universities of southern India. This resultantly led to establishment of various universities in the State and separation of the University territories. Website:

Kodaikanal Christian College: This College has always been linked education to moral and ethical development of the individual, as its spiritual and educational focus is to provide students with a holistic teaching. Website:

University of Pune: Founded in 1949, this is one of the premium and most popular center for education in the city of Pune. It offers undergraduate and post graduation courses in various fields. Website:

Manipal institute of Communication: Manipal University, School of Communication (SOC) was founded in 1997, has appeared as one of the leading institutes for media communication and journalism. Website:

Mudra Institute of Communication: Started in 1991, MICA is one of the leading institutes in the country. This institute is keen to create Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication. It provides specialization in Digital Communication Management, Marketing Research, Advertising Management, Media Management and Brand Management. Website:

Asian Academy of Film and Television: Since 1993, this academy is providing training and education in the art of film making. It offers courses for visual media such as anchoring, training for VJ/ RJ also. Website:

Above are some of the best institutes/ colleges for Video Jockey in India. Hope this list of colleges/ institutes will help you choose a good institute for yourself. If you have any query, share it with us in the comment section.

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