Best Government Engineering Colleges in India

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Government Engineering Colleges 2015-16:

Engineering is one of the most preferred and sort after professions in India, just seconding to the likes of those aspiring to be a licensed Physician. Save those, who have a long history of family business, most of the teens in India dream of pursuing a career either engineering or medicine.

As a matter of fact, it’s not only the students who aspire to be engineers, but also their parents who just can resist the feeling of their sons/ daughters becoming engineers. Most of our parents are ready to go to any lengths, even if it comes to the extent of borrowing money by either mortgaging their jewellery, their fix deposits and even their houses, only to see that their children become Engineers.

But all these efforts would not bring out fruitful results, unless these are channelled in the right direction, under the guidance and supervision of Career Counselling experts. Therefore hard work, but in the right manner and in the right direction is very crucial, for reaching your goal to become a Quality Engineer.

There are many Engineering Colleges and Universities that in India, imparting engineering programs and courses, either at graduate, post graduate and doctorate levels. But it’s very necessary to see that you get in the right College or University, I should not be saying this, but there are many e.g. of Engineering Graduates who are still Unemployed. So one should trade very cautiously, when it comes to securing an admission in an Engineering University.

However, the best Universities in India that offer and impart the Best Engineering Education are non other than the IITs, the IIITs and the NITs. These are public centralized colleges that offer admissions to its various engineering colleges, but admissions in these colleges are done only through the Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) which are conducted annually across India.

For in-depth and complete information on JEE please refer to our website or you could also visit these links that are mentioned below:

We all understand that getting into the IITs, NITs and the IIITs is very difficult, there are chances that one may even be unsuccessful in clearing these entrance examinations. But it’s al right, one should not be disappointed, these petty failures  don’t  end your world.

There are many other colleges and universities that are offering the same level of engineering programs and courses. Also one should think that its only if you are an IIT or an NIT, that you will be successful in life, there are many practical examples, where students who have been high school drop-outs, have incorporated companies such as Microsoft, Apple.

So here is a list of some colleges and universities that are obviously not equivalent to the IITs and the NITs, but are no less in imparting a decent level of education. These mentioned below offer good quality education at moderate cost.

1. Jadavpur University- Faculty of Engineering and Technology:

Courses Offered: Bachelors
Fees: 100,000/- to 120,000/- (approx)
Admission: entrance through the IIT-JEE
Duration of the course: 4 years

Contact: Jadavpur University – Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Address : Jadavpur, Kolkata
Phone : 033-24146007
Website :
Email :

 2. Mumbai University-Institute of Chemical Tech:

Courses Offered: Chemical Engineering and Applied Science- Engineering
Fees: 100,000/- to 120,000/-(approx)
Duration: 4 years.

Contact: Mumbai University Inst of Chemical Tech.
Phone : 022-24145616
Website :
Email :

3. Delhi College of Engineering:

Courses offered: Communication and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Polymer Science and Technology.
Duration: 4 years

Contact: Delhi College of Engineering
Address : Shahbad Daulatpur, Main Bawana Road, Delhi – 42
Phone : 011-27871018
Website :
Email :

4. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology:

Courses Offered: Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology Engineering etc.
Fees: 300,000/- (approx)

Contact: Motilal Nehru National Inst. of Technology
Phone : 0532-2545341
Website :
Email :

5. Government College of Engineering:

Courses Offered: Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Communication and electronics engineering.
Fees: 100,000/- (approx)
Duration: 4 years.

Contact: Govt. College Of Engineering
Phone : 0240-2332635
Website :
Email :

 6. Banaras Hindu University-  Institute of Technology:

Courses Offered: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Computer Engineering.
Fees: 300,000/- (approx)
Duration: 4 years

Contact: Institute of Technology – Banaras Hindu University
Address : Varanasi
Phone : 094505-47143
Website :
Email :

 7. Government Engineering College, Thrissur:

Courses offered: Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
Fees: 160,000/- (approx)
Duration: 4 years

Contact: Govt. Engineering College
Phone : 0486-2233250
Website :
Email :

We hope that the above given information proves to be useful to you for your admission procedure. Please feel free to post your suggestions and comments.

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