Top 10 countries for Higher Education in the World

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Best Countries for Higher Education


College time is when you learn to be more self-determining and live outside the ambience of your home, so selecting the right place to study become an even more relevant task due to this. College education can be quite a pricey affair though not essentially so. You have to make sure your university town is well connected and student friendly.

Many of the youngsters who aspire go abroad for higher education. But the first question comes to the mind is which country is best for higher education, where to pursue higher education. Here are some of the top countries of the world for higher education:

United States of America (USA): College education in the United States is highly publicized and doesn’t need any such introduction. It has the best universities in the world:

Canada: Canada is a rewarding deal in terms of higher education. It has the lowest tuition rates for foreign students as compared to Australia, UK, US and New Zealand. There many leading educational organization:

United Kingdom: UK education is all about giving encouragement to enlarge your knowledge and skills. There are some of the leading and well known schools, colleges and universities in UK:

Germany: Studying in Germany is a big chance for students from all over the world. They have institutes providing high quality educations with quite a good network with universities all over the world.

Australia: Though being the smallest continent in the world Australia has the largest international student crowd. Education in Australia is more about teaching you things which you will use later on in your career.

France: France is another country that is known for the quality of higher education it offers. There are various universities/ colleges that provide undergraduate and post graduate degrees:

Sweden: Universities in Sweden are different with their focus on group studies and comprises of growth, innovation, creativity and forward thinking culture.

Italy: Italy is well connected to all of Europe as well as North-Africa and is ranked in one of the eight most industrialized countries in the world. They have great universities which cover each and every field from business and technology to fashion:

Finland: Located in Northern Europe, Finland has few of the good colleges that offer Bachelors and Masters Degrees:

Switzerland: There is something about this country that it has second highest number of student crowd in the world for higher education. Universities/ colleges in this country offers degree in French, English and German.

Above are few of the best countries in the world that offer quality higher education. Hope this list of countries will help you plan to go overseas for studies. If you have any doubts feel free to share through your comments.

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