Tips to solve Logical Reasoning

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Logical reasoning is a process which consists of arguments, statements, premises & postulates in order to define whether a statement is true or false, resulting in a logical or illogical reasoning. Basically Logical Reasoning can be distinguished into three.

  1. Deductive Reasoning: It is a method of applying general rule in specific situations of which conclusions can be drawn.
  2. Inductive Reasoning: It is considered as the antithesis of Deductive Reasoning.
  3. Abductive reasoning: In a way it is similar to inductive reasoning, since conclusions drawn are based on probabilities.

Logical Reasoning is a major subject included in competitive exams such as CMAT, MBA etc.  As the name suggests, it tests the reasoning ability of the students. Reasoning is something which cannot be developed over night. But whatever skills one has got, they can polish them & thereby apply them.

Reasoning can be bifurcated into two.

Critical Reasoning:

It includes assumption-premise-conclusion based questions, assertion & reason based questions, statements & assumptions, strong & weak arguments, inference based questions, cause & effect based problems.

Visual Reasoning:

It consists of linear arrangements questions, family tree problems, symbol based problems, coding & decoding questions, sequencing problems, series problems, blood relations & direction sense question.

Given below are few Tips to solve Logical Reasoning

Tips to solve Logical Reasoning:

1. Understanding the Concept: Thorough understanding of the concepts is required before one starts practicing. Example: For solving questions on statement & assumption, understanding of what is meant by statement and assumption is necessary.

2. Formulas: There is a particular way or format to solve questions on reasoning.

3. Clearance of Doubts: One should uproot the seed of doubt immediately as & when it arises instead of carrying it ti examination hall. One can cross check with peers & teachers & explain them the same to boost one’s confidence level.

4. Practice: Logical Reasoning can be understood , solved & strengthened easily if one does a lot of practice. It is required that candidates practice with practice papers & mock test papers.

5. Analysis: One must analyse the strengths & weaknesses via practice papers. This shall help in managing time in the main examination. One must solve the section in which one excels.

6. Go through Expert Analysis: It shall be more than useful to students to go through the previous year paper analysis done by experts so that one can get a clear picture of the level of questions. It can so happen that, for an individual, a particular question turns out to be difficult or tricky but in real sense it is moderate or easy. It does signifies that one needs to raise the standard by constant practice.

Try to use the above tips for solving Logical Reasoning. One is surely expected to get the best of results. Good Luck!! Send in to us your views & suggestions for same.

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