Tips to Prepare for IAS Examination

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How to Prepare for IAS Exam


Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a career that cannot be compared to other jobs or services. The post of an IAS officer is an honour in itself; IAS is the highest administrative Civil Service of the Government of India. IAS exam is carried out by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). IAS Officers have a grip on the strategic & key positions in the Union Government, States & Public Sector Undertakings. Here are a few tips that might help you prepare for IAS examination:

Do it smartly: Many of us believe that in order to become an IAS officer, it is significant to work hard, study for 10 -12 hours or more daily for good and desired result. But it’s not like that, to get desired result it is important to walk the smart way that is reading well, reading various books selectively, mixing books and notes, making short notes, learning time management, taking mock tests and etc.

Start Early: Ones you have decided to appear for the examination, you should start preparing for the same early. To get an idea regarding the types of question being asked it is essential to refer previous years solved papers and stay updated in all the fields’ economy, politics, history etc.

Set a Timetable: A person needs to set some sort of timetable that would help to focus for long hours and cover the complete syllabus. The time table might help you concentrate on the preparation.

Managing Time: Managing time for preparation is really important, as there are many subjects to prepare for. Take one subject at a time and stop multi-tasking. Multi-tasking may lead to loss of concentration, low efforts and confusion. So, it is necessary to manage time and cover all the subjects.

Test yourself: In order to prepare yourself for the examination, it is essential to take your own mock test after completing a particular section to evaluate or test yourself.

Make short notes: Making short notes is one of the smartest way to study and has always helped during quick revision. These notes can be in the form of flash cards or micro notes on subjects such as current affairs, GK, as well as other General Studies and optional topics.

Read, Read and Read: Reading a lot is the key to score. The more you will read for your IAS, the more it will help you. You should adopt a habit of reading newspapers, the latest economic survey, all NCERT text books and good additional books for IAS available.

Have the right guidance: It is important to have correct guidance from correct people, in order to save valuable time and attempts. You should seek quality guidance from the best coaching institute available that offers coaching for all the subjects of IAS exam. You should also approach the aspirants those who have already cleared written exam.

Be Confident: At last, be confident enough and believe in yourself. Have fun as you prepare for IAS examination and hope for fruitful results.

Hope this tips will help you prepare for your IAS examination and may make it easy for you to clear it.

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