Tips to Prepare for Campus Placements

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How to Prepare for Campus Interviews

Are you in the final year of your academic classes and there are campus placements coming up. Then don’t panic just stay calm and start preparing for the placements. Campus placement is a chance of a lifetime. If you are not prepared well then you could miss the chance to get into the best company and best salary packages. Campus placements are not possible unless and until the students are industry ready. Here are some of the tips that may help you prepare for your campus placement preparations:

1. Well Prepared Resume

One of the most indispensable tools is a well-structured resume. Even so, just having a resume is not sufficient. Besides having a proper format and presentation, there are certain other things that need to be included as well. It is sensible to use different resume for different interviews based on the company and the position for which they are seeking the candidates. Another important point is to update your resume regularly. Refer “Tips for Job Winning Resume” to prepare a well structured resume.

2. Grab the opportunities

Before you appear for the interview you must know about the companies visiting the campus. You must also know what type of company it is, role of the job, the selection process and other such essential things.

3. Back to the Roots

The most important thing in your selection is the knowledge of the topics that you have studied over the last 2-3 years. Make sure that you don’t forget this aspect as many of the aspirants tends to ignore this.

4. Dress Code

First and primary essential thing for placement is have some pair of formal shirts and pants. Men can go for plain white well-fitted full sleeve shirts with tie, black trousers without pleats and plain black leather shoes whereas women have a number of alternatives when it comes to formats. A light-colored formal shirt and black trousers or a simple, light-colored saree or salwar suit, will also do.

5. Be confident

In the existing economic environment, where knowledge gets outdated at a rapid pace, it is very important for you to possess the right learning attitude. Indeed, this factor is given the maximum priority by the recruiters also as they expect their employees to be able to cope with rapid changing business scenarios.

6. Group Discussion

When it comes to GDs, surf the Internet for some good tips on GDs. Then form a GD practice group along with some serious fellow students. Thus, GDs can be tricky affairs because you need to walk a fine line between being too aggressive and too meek. You can’t hog all the limelight, yet you can’t hide in the background. You can’t be too loud or too soft.

7. Aptitude Test

Don’t feel scare about the test as it is one of the most common round for the companies to select the applicants for further rounds. It is very easy to take, all it needs is practice. You cannot expect to be master of aptitude skills in just a week or two, at least 1.5-2 months is the minimum required time.

8. Written & Spoken English

You know it or not but Indian job markets demand people with fluency in English that is who can speak and write correct English. This round is conducted to test your verbal communication skills as very few people pay attention to it. A lot of aspirants get rejected unnecessarily as they cannot communicate or express themselves.

9. Technical Interview

Technical interview session is held by the companies to test your depth of knowledge. There, recruiters will ask questions on your interest of domain areas. Interviewers make their job easier by asking you for your favorite subject.

10. HR Interview

Just be cool, calm and collective during HR interview as is the most important round. Applicant has to be confident, while appearing for an interview and while giving answers also. For some good Interview tips you can refer “Tips for Job Interview

We hope this campus placement tips will help you as you appear for the same. Good Luck….. 🙂

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