Tips for clearing GATE 2015

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Tips for clearing GATE 2015:

I am sure most of us would agree that “life itself is an exam”. We have to go through it not only in our schools and colleges but even after them. I am sure those working for the Government would agree with me, since they too have to go through it, now & then.

And its just not those Government officials that are lucky enough( ha ha ha just kidding) but also every Businessman and Professional, regardless of his size of business, in some ways or the other for e.g. getting a contract or a tender, meeting targets, satisfying customers, making new customers,  market capitalization.

However, all the above mentioned were just Hypothetical  Exams, but the real juice lies in those Entrance and Competitive Examinations that are nationwide, such as UPSC, CAT, GATE, SSC etc. these are indeed the toughest examinations that are held across the Nation.

For engineering graduates, GATE is like not having a nightmare but actually living a nightmare, this is probably the toughest examination that an engineering mind could come across. This one is specifically created to test your mind and your wits in the most unconventional, unexpected and unimaginable manner.

Not in tens, not in hundreds not even in thousands but in lakhs. Yes lakhs and lakhs of candidates appear for GATE (General Aptitude Test for Engineering) exams every year hoping that clearing GATE would open their Gateway of Fortune. But very very few are able to Crack this Nut. The Upcoming GATE Examinations is scheduled for January 31 2015 to mid February 2015.

Although very tough, but still its possible to get through this one. Here is a how to do it? A Guide:

  • Very first of all, remember that all those who have succeed before you are like you, two legs, two hands, two eyes, one nose and two ears. They don’t have an additional brain or their brains don’t weigh heavier than yours, so and if they can why cant you? Remember the Thomas Edison nearly failed 2000 times when inventing the carbon tungsten light Bulb, but still did not detest, and today we remember him, even after so many years of his demise.
  • Second of all, Passion is a very very crucial Pre-requisite  for succeeding in these exams, if you are not Obsessed or Passionate with Engineering then this will not fill in the crack. Have you seen children, just hooked up with their Xbox 360’s  and Play Stations, they just don’t want to move away from it, they just seem to forget about food and water. Now do you understand the gravity of the situation?
  • Thirdly, at least 6 months would be required for a wholesome and fulfilling preparation covering all the topics, each and every nook and corner. Remember this saying “Rome was not built in One Day” and “Brilliance Needs Patience” (My Saying).
  • Fourthly,  Remember this saying too,  “Well plan is half done” so Plan and Plot well, remember to Map out a Studying Strategy, before you begin with your preparation. This is not some High School term examination, this is Serious Business, so plan also Seriously. Also, there will be situations where you are going to deviate from your Daily Routine Itinerary, so stick to your Strategy, No Matter What.
  • Fifthly, your main course is the subject that you choose, so choose wisely and make sure that you choose the subject in which you have graduated, with this there is surely there are more chances of success.
  • Sixthly, choose, buy and learn from good books that are written by renowned authors, and refer more and more books, so as to come across a wide variety of situations, which will enhance your knowledge. Although retail shopping for this would be in coherent but there are several websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deal, Infibeam that would make your work much easier.
  • Sevently, make your fundamentals very clear and sharp, remember” if the foundation is not strong, the building wont too”, there are many testimonials  that witness this fact. Many GATE Candidates have testified that their fundamentals were very clear from days of Graduation, so please keep this in Mind.
  • Also keep Practising Previous Years GATE Question Papers.There are many online websites such as that offers sample question paper on GATE, Aptitude Test Section for GATE. Also Remember,  the more you practice the better. Always keep on discussing and debating your subjects with your mates and superiors because “knowledge always increases when share with others”.
  • Last but not the least, revise, revise and Re Revise.

NOTE: Always try and solve your examples without referring to the answers given in the books, this will also increase your self confidence, thereby an additional benefit during your exams.

We hope our website has been successful in having tried to motivate and encourage you, so learn well and write well. Also visit our website for further information on all upcoming Engineering Entrance Examinations for 2015.

All the best.

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