Tips for AFCAT 2016 entrance exam

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Tips for AFCAT 2016 entrance exam

It is a known fact that, AFCAT test is scheduled to be held in 2016. With this nick of time, candidates might be in a need of some pep talk as well as few useful tips & tricks which helps them to crack the test well.

Let us focus on those subjects first of all, whose probability is high & are expected to be covered in the test. One must be thorough with the subjects like Elementary English, Science, Mathematics to clear the exam with flying colors. Even if one is not strong enough in fundamentals, last minute preparation can make a difference.

Tips for AFCAT 2016 entrance exam

Looking at the technicalities of the subjects;

1.) Talking about Mathematics, Candidates are advised to go through formulas & tricks for topics such as,

  • Percentage/ Ratio
  • Profit & Loss
  • Involution
  • Simple Interest/ Compound Interest
  • Work/Energy

2.) The above 5 topics cover nearly 97% of total questions being asked in Mathematics. So it is advisable that candidates need not be negligible towards them.

3.) In case of Ratio, remember the important derivatives such as a:b, b:c given the value of a:b:c other similar forms.

4.) In terms of Profit & Loss one must go through the formulas for Selling Price, Cost Price, Market Price, Successive Discount, Error Percentage & the likes.

5.) For example, Successive Discount= a+b+ab/100. One must take care of the fact that, over here the sign for digits shall be negative since a discount refers to reduction/deduction in the amount.

6.) Keep a tab on Derivatives for Cubic Terms like a³+b³ etc.

7.) One needs to use the General formulas in Simple Interest & Compound Interest. Same applies for Work Force.  Keep in mind & have a detailed practice on questions involving canisters/buckets/pipes.

8.) Pertaining to Science, candidates can go through Lucent’s General Science Columns. Have a thorough reading on topics like Reflection, Refraction, Total Internal Reflection, Interference, Dispersion of Light. Questions are likely to be asked from some of the mentioned topics.

9.) Regarding English, one needs to be peculiar regarding the basics or Elementary education & focus more on Synonyms-Antonyms.

10.) In case of General Knowledge, candidates make sure to oneself updated about the latest books & authors. Remain informed regarding the First Award Holder in Sports, Winners, Cities located at the banks of famous rivers etc. This shall cover more than half of the questions in G.K.

A handful of tips before entering the examination hall:

– The Admit Card needs to be printed in Color, hence get a colored printout of the Admit Card.

-Fill up the necessary formalities on the Admit Card like pasting photograph, signature etc.

-Remember to carry a valid photo ID Card along with the Admit Card to the exam center. Valid Photo ID Card can be any of the below.

  • College ID
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Pan Card
  • Voter ID Card

A candidate shall not be allowed to appear for the examination without an Identity Proof.

– Carry a blue/black ball point pen

– Candidates are not allowed to restrain the question paper nor the rough sheet. Candidates are not supposed to mark anything on any of these, or else strict actions shall be taken.

-Candidates are requested to please be on time as there are other formalities to be covered up before the exam commences.

-Necessary instructions are mentioned on the OMR sheet  which should be filled in carefully.

Good Luck to all the aspiring candidates. Put in your best effort for the first step towards your dream.!!

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