Tips for 12th Science Board Exams

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Although the 12th std Board exams mark the end of one’s school life, it throws open many doors of opportunities to a greater arena. This exam surely holds greater prominence in your life and acts as a deciding factor as well as a selection factor for various Colleges, Institutes & the entrance exams required to apply for.

Subjects to be considered for Standard 12th Science Board are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics. Hence it is really important that students prepare very well for their 12th Std Science Board in order to score more. We bring for you some of the Tips for 12th Science Board Exams. 

Here are some of the Tips for 12th Science Board Exams. Hope these subject wise preparation tips help you so as to  prepare well for your Board Examinations.

Tips for 12th Science Board Exams

1. Physics

Try to be clear with the concepts so as to get grip on the fundamentals & concepts of the subject in order to acquire extra edge over the competitors. The physics paper is a composure of number of questions which contain formulae & theorems. Students must make it a point to revise them as repeatedly as possible.

The formulas & theorems are used extensively in order to solve various problems. Solve past years question papers. The important topics include Modern Physics, Optics, Oscillation & Waves, Heat & Thermodynamics etc.. These topics more or less are based on theory & direct formula. Preparing them is liable to provide you sure shot marks.

2. Chemistry

This particular subject is less time consuming as compared to other subjects. Students can prepare & attempt for Organic & Inorganic Chemistry first in the question paper as these are completely fact-based & can be solved quickly. Doing so shall boost your confidence & you shall be left with ample of time to attempt the rest paper.

Extensive practice only can provide the required speed & accuracy to solve the questions. Study various reactions along with examples as these are really important. The best way to learn formulae & revise them on daily basis is to write them on a sheet of paper & paste them from where it is easily accessible for you.

3. Biology

Biology is all about numerous labelled diagrams, along with the theory part. Students be careful & familiarized with the various terminologies. Try to spell as well write down those terminologies so as to get acquainted with them. Try to solve the objective type of questions first. Solve previous years questions papers within time limit. Associate your answers with a diagram or a picture that you must have gone through while studying for the subject.

4. Mathematics

Get clear through the fundamentals & concepts for Mathematics. An hour a day regularly is more than enough to bring out the perfection within you for the subject. Practice is liable to clear your concepts all the more. Try to solve the problems making use of the conventional methods. Once you get thorough with it, try to increase your speed with the short cut methods. But do not jump the crucial steps. Practice common square root and cube root problems to remember them well during exams.

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