Tips for 10th std board exam

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Till now, you have had your classmates for the competition, but with the arrival of 10th Standard Board exams, you shall be facing a greater competition with numerous students across the country. Class X can be considered as a first step towards achieving the goal one may have set in the life. The reason being, the marks obtained in 10th Board act as a decisive factor for majority of future undertakings. To make it successful for you we bring few Tips for 10th std board exam.

Tips for 10th std board exam

1. Know the syllabus clearly

Make sincere attempts to know your syllabus clearly & do not miss on to any topic. Following your lessons properly can help you to do so. Revision of topics is very essential so as to score well. In case you stuck somewhere, doubts can be cleared the very next day from the teacher.

2. Solve Questions

Try solving all the questions which are followed after every chapter for self-study. Taking cue from experts, teachers, seniors is advisable.

3. Maintaining separate books for every subject

Students please remember to jot down important notes & formula that one may come across while studying. Doing so shall help the students to a greater extent.

4. Highlight Important points

Highlighting important points as well as formulae on text books as well as reference books with good quality marker & highlighter helps to locate them easily. These notes are then ready for revision.

5. Plan your studies

Prepare a time table for yourselves for the board examination & try to stick to it. Allot ample time for each subject’s preparation as well as its revision. Choose the time that suits you well. It can either be early in the morning or late night. Avoid distractions. Know your convenience well.

6. Know your strengths & weaknesses

Go ahead with your strengths but do not ignore your weaknesses. Concentrate more on how can they be improved. Take guidance & practice sessions on how can they be improved.

7. Revise thoroughly

Do not leave any topic & if at all left, do not study anything new right before the exams. Eat healthy stuff & take ample rest.

Few more tips on subjects can be;

  • Make more often use of formulae and theorems extensively in solving questions etc..
  • Solve past year’s model question papers.
  • For subject Chemistry,study the name reactions, make charts of formulae along with names and revise them as and when possible.
  • Regarding Biology, provide special attention to important diagrams, the biological terms, their functions etc..
  • Mathematics can be regarded as a really scoring subject & demands lots of practice.
  • The calculations for sums can be lengthy & time consuming, at the same time beware of silly mistakes. Your practice must include¬†common square root and cube root problems.
  • To get through the history facts, read them repeatedly & memorize them.
  • In case of Geography practice map-pointing to a larger extent as well as questions on latitude & longitude.

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