Technical Explanation for Bio Technology

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Technical Explanation for Bio Technology:

In my previous article click here you could clearly see that I have given just a beginners tour guide to the concept of Bio Technology with a very very basic, plain and simple explanation and introduction to this not so new concept of Bio Technology. But since I was short and both time and space,  I could not give a detailed and in depth explanation to the concept of Bio Technology.

Bio Technology: as a Concept has recently Emerged into Mainstream Education just within the past decade, Bio Technology is an Amalgamation of both Streams of “Biology and Technology”. Bio Technology as a stream of Academics has all the potential to harness and manifest Bio-molecular and Cellular Process, which in turn leads to the emergence of newer technologies that develop and invent new products and articles, improving our health and lives.

Ever since and compared to its inception, just over a decade ago, Present Times and Modern Day Bio Technology, has already offered and provided a breakthrough, both in Education and Products. Bio Technology together in harmony with other several Fields of Engineering such as Nano Technology, Cellular Bio Technology and life Sciences has really contributed in Discovering and Inventing Amazing and Wonderful Products both in the Field of Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Durables.

If we just take today’s figures alone then you would be surprised at the amount of developments ( I mean Commercially) that have taken place in this field of Bio Technology by itself. At present there are more than 250 – 300 health care Goods and Products including Medicines and Vaccines that are available to patients and sick all across the Globe.

And this still comes as a surprise if you would read that there are about  more than 13 million farmers all across the corners of the globe that are cultivation agricultural produce to cater to the need and the demands of Bio Technologically Goods and Products, thereby increasing the scope of the field of Bio Technology on  a Standalone Basis.

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