How to score 99 Percentile in CAT exam?

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The Common Aptitude Test commonly known as CAT is a Computer based test being held in India. This test assesses a person on the basis of his scores in Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, and Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. The basic aim of conducting this test is to enroll students for Business Administration Programs on the basis of their performance in CAT test. Given that the CAT exam is on 16th & 22nd November, it is high time that candidates willing to appear for the exam concentrate on it.

With barely two months remaining for the CAT exam, candidates should give their hundred percent so as to score maximum with the help of which their chances of selection for the program shall increase acutely.For all those budding candidates, who have recently started their preparation need not worry as a good start is half the job done!! In order to make your CAT attempt a great success it is important to sketch out your plans & learn some time management for the CAT exam.

Candidates should rather try to sharpen their strengths than to try & overcome their weaknesses. Take a look at the syllabus and tick off the topics you are already well versed with so as to strategize yourself with the lesser known topics. Prepare a practice schedule for yourself & make it a point to stick to it.

We are here to help you out in preparing a schedule & suggest on how to utilize these last two months in order to crack CAT 2014. The 60 days (two months) can be bifurcated this way:

99 percentile score in cat exam

10 days for Quantitative Aptitude:

  •  Refurbish your basic concepts of mathematics taught till class 10. Various study material shall be useful to you for it pertaining to the syllabus of CAT.
  •  Brush up your skills for Vedic Mathematics properly.
  •  It is important to understand the concepts well rather than solving 100’s of problems.

10 days for Data Interpretation:

  •  Solving last years’ papers shall help you a lot. Try solving last five years papers & analyze the problems along with their answers.
  •  Candidates are provided with options, so try to reach the closest possible answer rather than finding accuracy in it & devoting more time on one particular question. This way one can speed up.
  •  Marking the correct answer & moving on to next question shall be an added advantage to the candidates as they can devote more time on complex problems or revert back to the unanswered questions.

5 days for Logical Reasoning:

  •  Instead of intense practice, candidates more or less need a calm mind for this particular section.
  •  On an average stereotyped questions are expected in this particular section, & this need is fulfilled by various source of study materials.
  •  Solving puzzles tends to improve skills for this section.

5 days of Verbal Ability:

  • The more one reads, more one gets to know about the subject.
  •  Candidates should be thorough in Grammar section & revise it regularly.
  • Develop the skill to know the pattern & type of questions which are going to be asked. This can be developed by solving past years papers.
  •  One should solve all types & kinds of problems on day-to-day basis to lessen the burden of revising at the last moment.

10 days of Reading Comprehension:

  •  Candidates are advised to read lot many articles everyday starting with newspapers & cover topics like politics, business, philosophy,  way of life, editorials etc.
  •  Go through the articles available on online website meant for CAT.
  •  One can take up practice sessions within a time frame & try to decrease the time limit with every passing day.

For the next twenty days, one can take up one mock test paper per day; follow the same for next ten days. Candidates shall be more benefited if they take up with computer based mock tests which shall increase their speed for working on computer.

In the next seven days, try & analyze the weak areas in order to overcome them.

For the last three days, relax your mind a bit & revise for only 2-3 hours.

Feel confident within yourselves. Good Luck!! 🙂
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