How to score 90+ Percentile in eLitmus?

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For one and all aspirants who are willing to apply for eLitmus test, here is a piece of advise for all of you. Preparation is the primary step as well as the most important part in any exam. If the primary step goes right, everything else follows.

Since the exam is not so easy as it seems to be, but nothing can stop hardwork from achieving the desired goal. Certainly one can use some clever strategies & work smart in order to get clear through the eLitmus exam & thus score really well.

To start with,

  • One can divide his/her time as per the number of sections. Example: 40-45 minutes for Quantitative Aptitude, 40-45 minutes for Reasoning Ability and the remaining 25-30 minutes for English
  • One can start solving as per their preferences either Quantitative Aptitude/ Reasoning Ability. Many a times, people tend to start from English (that being the easiest subject) but that won’t turn out to be much useful.

Tips for solving each section

Reasoning Ability

  1. When one lands up at the Reasoning Ability section, try solving by the Data Interpretation Questions. They shall be bagged by 4-5 Questions at a stretch which might consume 15-20 minutes. Do not devote more time on it other than the stated one.
  2.  Once you are done with the Data Interpretation Questions, get back to data Data Sufficiency Questions which shall consume another 20-25 minutes. It contains 4 questions, if one tries one can easily solve 2-3 questions.
  3. If you count now, you have reached a stage where in you have solved 4+2 =6 Questions. Pulling out 80+ Percentile for yourself in Reasoning Ability.

Quantitative Aptitude

By now one must have completed 5+ Questions in Reasoning Ability within 40-45 minutes.

  1. Regarding Quantitative Aptitude, try to start from the beginning. Gaze the questions roughly, & quickly decide in your mind if you are able to solve it at the moment or not.
  2. Tick mark the questions you have solved. If you are not sure about any particular question, circle it & take time out to refer them once you are done with solving all the questions. Or may be if you do not have any idea regarding some of the questions, cross mark the question so that you do not waste time on it.
  3. This way one shall be able to solve 2-5 Questions, which shall count to 60+ Percentile in Quantitative Aptitude.
  4. Regarding Quantitative Aptitude, don not be in a hurry to solve more than 8-10 Questions in case one is really good with Quantitative Aptitude or else 5-6 Questions are more than enough.


After solving Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning Ability, only 20-25 minutes are remaining which shall be enough for this section.

  • English turns out to be the most easiest part in eLitmus exam & hence one can start from the beginning.
  • When one reaches the “Paragraph Questions”  make sure to select the two paragraphs which are smaller in content out of the three.
  • Choose wisely, since you won’t be left with much time to solve it. In case you get some extra time, solve the third paragraph too.
  • If one manages to solve atleast 12-16 Questions in this section, it shall be more than enough.
  • If one calculates with 12+ scores, one is eligible to score 90+/93+ Percentile in English.

If overall calculation is considered,

5+ Questions in Quantitative Aptitude
5+ in Reasoning Ability
10+ in English

That comes to 80+, 60+ & 90+ Percentile. Thus your overall eLitmus score comes to 90+ Percentile which helps you in getting through the entrance exam!!

We assume with this article, candidates shall get to know on How to score 90+ Percentile in eLitmus?

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6 thoughts on “How to score 90+ Percentile in eLitmus?

  1. Siddharth

    my elitmus score :
    Verbal :75.00–79.83%ile
    Problem Solving :37.50–83.48%ile
    Quantitative :48.80–91.09%ile
    but my btech % is below 60 can i expect any calls from good companies ??

      1. vivek sharma

        mam iam 2013 pass out .so is elitmus is beneficial for me . i want to do job in good mnc. so tell me what should i do.

        1. Savio D'souza

          Yes Vivek you can surely take the test and all the best the elitmus test is surely beneficial for you.
          Savio D’souza

  2. Bharani

    mam… iam fresher… now there no proper walkins,,,, soo i wanna write elitmus exam…. i studied details of elitmus… i think normal r.s.arrawal apptitude…. reasoning are not enough to prepare for elitmus…. so kindly inform da best books for it,,, can u provide any material tome…


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