Scope of Masters in Civil Engineering in India

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Scope of Masters in Civil Engineering in India:

Indeed Civil Engineering is the oldest Engineering Discipline not only in India, but also in the world. The very traces of this stream of Engineering can be easily seen in ancient times like that of the Egyptian Civilization and the Babylonian Civilization, with their famous and wonderful structures namely the Pyramids and Hanging Gardens.

This stream or discipline of engineering has always been existing in its raw form, almost may since the times that our ancestors learnt how to build building and structures for themselves. However, the entire discipline of Civil Engineering has undergone a vast change, right from puny huts to present day times sky touching skyscrapers.

A Civil Engineering is the backbone, for erecting and constructing a building, and it’s the civil engineer who has to shoulder the entire responsibility, after the plans for the building are drawn by the architect. A civil Engineer is the person who has to look after and supervise the entire construction till it is completed.

Thus a Civil Engineering has to mainly supervise whether the construction work is actually being carried according to the plans drawn by the architect or not? Whether the materials are being properly used according to the standard measurements or not? And also to see that there is no wastage of materials which are being issued and used towards the construction process.

The Scope and the future of Civil Engineering has never been shining as compared to before, well the obvious reason being the development and the invention of newer and newer technologies everyday and the never ending rise in human population. These mentioned two factors have mainly pushed the Discipline of Civil Engineering to newer areas like that of Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering & Geothermal Engineering Etc.

After completing the Masters Degree in Civil Engineering a Potential Post Graduate would obviously offered more avenues as far as work is concerned and more lucrative remuneration, which obvioulsly goes without a saying.

All Civil Engineering Post graduates can easily be appointed in senior positions such as that of Senior Engineer, Project Manager, City Engineer, Deputy Engineer, Director of Public Works, also important profile in Town planning, Etc.

Apart from the above a Masters in Civil Engineering can easily start his very Own Independent Consultancy firm and practice this Profession of Civil Engineering.

Salary and Pay Packages:

A Post Graduate Civil Engineer can easily draw up to 4 lacs to 5 lacs per annum, depending upon his experience and expertise, while an IIT (Civil Engineering) could make almost twice of this pay package.

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