Scope & Future Prospects of Marine Engineers

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Scope & Future Prospects of Marine Engineers:

After so much of deliberations and discussions in my previous articles some 2 or 3 of them on the subject of Marine Engineering especially on its brief introduction, the work profile, the duty and responsibility of Marine Engineers, now I conclude my discussion on the topic of Marine Engineering with  final Article “Scope and Future Prospects of Marine Engineers.

As already mentioned in my previous article I would give the credit of invention of Marine Engineering to the Person by the “Noah” who is mentioned in the first chapter of the “Holy Bible”. Although many think that the credit should actually go to “Archimedes”.

But one should not forget that Archimedes only found out and discovered the principle and concept of “Buoyancy” and not how to make a boat or a ship? Anyways, coming back to the main subject of discussion “Scope & Future Prospects of Marine Engineers” here is an exclusive article on the future prospects of this Discipline of Engineering.

The future of Marine Engineering is as “Bright as its Past” this is because discounting the fact that Cruise liners are only meant for the “Super Rich and the Elite” sea navigation is one of the most important means of not only travelling but also transporting goods and commodities all across the seas and oceans on the face of this planet.

I mean just give it a thought, we all have come across big corporations having names such as MAERSK,NOL Etc that are into the field of transporting cargoes by ships and barges running across International Boundaries.

And with the surge in Population , thereby leading to an increase in Demand for goods and commodities, it becomes very essential to find faster modes of transport other than Air and Land and not to forget Rail.

Thus with the Rapid Increase in the development of Science and Technology,  Marine Engineers have become more and more efficient and Positively Capable of making newer Machines and Marine Vehicles that are having more and more transportation capability as compared to its Predecessors some few years and decades ago.

Thus I end with my article with the above mentioned words that the “Future of Marine Engineering was and is As Bright As Its Past”.

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