Scope of E-Commerce

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Scope of E-Commerce:

Electronic Commerce, which is also known as E-Commerce is the buying and the selling of goods and services over the internet. Thus the trading and commercial activities of buying and selling goods especially over an online mode (online shopping website) is called the E-Commerce.

This concept and business of Electronic Commerce has already set up its roots deeply in the advanced and powerful nations of the world. However, in India it stands on a very different note, the concept of E-Commerce has been introduced off late in our country just over the past decade.

Initially during the year 2007/08 there were very few online shopping websites namely that of E-bay and that were not at all popular but still existing and surviving, then later on in the year 2010 Myntra made its first step into the online shopping business.

So after this there were several others online shopping websites that came into the foray of E-Commerce and online shopping, online shopping websites such as that of Flipkart and Jabong have also become a million dollar industry as of today.

There are several aspects and factors that have contributed to the success online shopping and the E-Commerce Industry.

  • The very first being the ease, comfort and the convenience that it offers to all those shopaholics out there, the elimination of the need of physically going to those shopping malls and complexes, and not to forget the heavy traffic and crowed streets.
  • Another factor is the pricing that these online shopping websites have to offer, the prices and the discount that they offer can literally be seconded to none. In fact some of them even sell at almost half the prices and the cost of the same product which are sold in the malls and retail showrooms and outlets.
  • Another factor that has contributed to the success of the online shopping is the Cash on Delivery, which has almost acted like turbo boost on the Intel Pentium processor. ┬áThis has especially proved to be a boon for all those who are skeptical for making an online purchase using plastic money (credit and debit card)

Thus the scope and the future of the E-Commerce industry and career is as bright and sunny, and with more and more players entering the completion, the only person who would seem to benefit would be the average happy consumer.


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