Scope of Chemical Engineering

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Scope of Chemical Engineering:

In continuation of my previous article, in which I have written and explained about Chemical Engineering, click here , I would want to further some more additional knowledge about the scope and the work of Chemical Engineers.

As previously explained Chemical Engineers are those wizards that design and invent newer products and articles, as each day is passing by. We should really be indebted to them since they are the ones that have created and invented so many newer products as compared to the olden times.

Just imagine a wide variety of commodities and products that are recently available, it’s just not the demand that has created an upsurge in the want and the desire for them but also the hard work and the efforts that our Chemical Engineers have put in.

Chemical Engineers are those who not only work with the process and the methods of making and creating newer products but also make the machinery and the technology available for accomplishing this marvellous feat.

Well speaking about the “Scope and the Future of Chemical Engineers”, one can be rest assured that there are just good days ahead. Frankly speaking every course in every field of education has a bright prospect.

With the demand of newer and newer products every day and the availability of modern and sophisticated technology, Chemical Engineers seem to be cutting their corner everywhere. There are many private and public corporations that are just waiting to hire and infuse their management with fresh Chemical Engineering Graduates.

Here is a exhaustive list of major Monstrous Corporations that have been regularly hiring Freshly Graduated Chemical Engineers:

In the Fertilizer Sector we have got:
Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd
Coromandel Fertilizers
Indo Gulf Fertilizers

In Petrochemical and Gases Sector we have got:
Essar Oils
Reliance ltd
British Petroleum

There are other Big Time Corporations too that have now and then hired New Recruits in their need for Chemical Engineers:
Aditya Birla Group
Indian Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd
Narmada Colours Pvt Ltd
Orissa Drugs & Chemical Ltd
Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Bihar Drugs & Organic Chemical Ltd
Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Pursuing Further Education:

Besides the above mentioned employment options, there are other alternatives too, a Chemical Engineering Graduate can also pursue further education, suiting his needs. One could also opt for Post-Graduation or A Doctoral in this subject of Chemical Engineering.

The above article was for the scope and the future of Chemical Engineers; please visit our website for further information on the Engineering Examinations or Entrance Examinations in the field and the area of Chemical Engineering.


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