Scope of B.Com

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Scope of B.Com:

The Bachelor’s of Commerce is the most popular and most sort after degree amongst all the students who have successfully completed, passed and qualified their 10+2 HSC Board Examinations. This is the one of the most preferred undergraduate program and course opted and availed by all those students who are interested in Careers other than Medicine, Engineering etc.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce is an Undergraduate Degree and Program which is to be pursued after the student or the candidate has successfully completed their 10+2 HSC Board Examination. This undergraduate program has the tenure of 3 years.

There are several subjects that comprise of this degree of Bachelor’s of Commerce and these are the names of the subjects namely: Management; Commerce, Accountancy, Taxation, Economics, Finance Etc. All most all the Universities and Colleges throughout India teach these subjects in their educational course and syllabus.

What is the Scope of B.Com?

  • There are several career options and job options which are available to the potential student after he/she has successfully completed their undergraduate program.
  • In the first place the person who has successfully passed out and qualified the Bachelor’s Degree, can avail several job opportunities in several commerce sectors namely that of Banks, Insurance, Government Jobs openings etc.
  • Also, if the Candidate or the Student is interested in pursuing further education then he or she can opt to study the Master’s Degree in Commerce (M.Com)
  • Furthermore there are several entrance examinations that are conducted every year or even bi annually, such as that of the CA, CS, ICWA etc. this especially if you are interested in professional degrees
  • There are other national entrance examination also such as that of the UPSC, SSC for senior & officer level positions, as well as entry level positions in Several Union Government Undertakings.
  • Also if the potential graduate is very skilled and talented, then he/she always have the option to join his or her family business or even start up his new undertaking.
  • Moving abroad for further Professional Commercial Degrees and Courses also seems to be a very popular option and alternative amongst several Commerce Graduates.


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