The rise of Part-time MBA

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The rise of Part-time MBANormally a Full-Time MBA Degree is considered to be the best way to acquire your Master’s Degree as well as Professionalism over the subject, still according to few reports, a Part-Time MBA on many occasions is way too far convenient.

On majority times, Part-Time MBA is preferred by those individuals who are working & are not willing to change/leave their job for the same reason. Apart from that, if one plans to do MBA from a distinct country, then that can be considered as a hurdle since a person may not be willing to go to some other place citing social problems, job-related issues etc.

The act of balancing a job & MBA Degree through a Part-Time MBA Programme is a big thing with students taking up courses & on weekends to complete their MBA Degree.

Basically, the format of Part-Time MBA is such that,it is designed for the young executives who are making attempts to pursue the Degree along with their job. The MBA Programme can be completed in 24-36 months & involves topics on MBA studies as well as leadership development. This way, it allows one to balance personal as well as work commitments.

The main reason for acquiring an MBA Degree for an working individual is to strengthen his/her work profile/resume. An MBA Degree helps individuals in advancement or earning promotion at a later stage.

To list down, many top institutes such as, XLRI-Jamshedpur, IMT-Ghaziabad, FMS-Delhi, IIFT-Delhi etc provide the opportunity of pursuing a Part-Time MBA Programme.

Individuals who choose to go for a Part-Time MBA Programme are the ones who earn to support their family, or they cannot arrange for enough financial assistance so as to opt for Full-Time MBA Programme. At this stage, Part-Time MBA is of utmost importance. The financial aid required for a Part-Time MBA Programme is anywhere between Rs.100000/- to Rs.300000/- & that of an Executive MBA Programme is Rs.1200000/- to Rs.2000000/- depending on the type of institute.

The time duration slightly increases in Part-Time MBA as compared to that in Full-Time MBA. A Full-Time MBA consumes two years where as a Part-Time MBA requires three years to finish.


The rise of Part-time MBAIf one is thinking on job-front, the opportunities are endless for persons with Part-Time MBA. Companies are willingly hiring in huge numbers, persons who have acquired Part-Time MBA along with a substantial work experience at the same time.

Thus, it can be truly said that, with changing times, The rise of Part-time MBA is a hot deal now a days!!

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