RBI Assistant Exam 2014 makes announcement for J & K Candidates

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The Reserve Bank of India was established on April 1, 1935 in correspondence with the Provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934. The Reserve Bank Of India(RBI) is the Central bank of India which controls the Monetary Policy of Indian Rupee. The Central Office of the Governor is situated in Mumbai. The Reserve Bank’s affairs are administered by the Central Board of Directors.

The Board is appointed by the Government of India in accordance with the Reserve Bank of India Act. RBI plays an important role in the Development Strategy of Government of India. RBI has got many important activities to deal with. Few of its primary activities are;

  • Monetary Authority
  • Issuer of Currency
  • Banker & Debt Manager to Government
  • Banker to Banks
  • Regulator of the Banking System
  • Manager of Foreign Exchange
  • Maintaining Financial Stability
  • Regulator & Supervisor of the Payment & Settlement Systems
  • Developmental Role

RBI carries out recruitment drive through out the country to fill vacancies for various posts as & when needed. Reserve Bank of India had declared applications for the post of Assistant Exam 2014. It is to notify for the Jammu & Kashmir candidates  who had selected Jammu as their center for examination purpose but were allotted Srinagar center, those candidates have now been accommodated at other  centres.

RBI Assistant Exam 2014 makes announcement for J & K Candidates

The examination has been postponed for those candidates who selected Srinagar as their examination center. The bank shall notify the next date for the examination at Srinagar center.

For those candidates who have selected Srinagar as their examination center but have provided their residential address in cities other than Srinagar, such candidates have the option to appear for their examination at a new designated center on September 28, 2014 OR appear for the examination at Srinagar center at a later date.

Fresh date for examination with Srinagar as the center shall be intimated later. Candidates are requested to kindly take note of the above changes made & incorporate it.

for more information please log in to http://www.rbi.org.in

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