R.V. College of Engineering

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R.V. College of Engineering:

The R.V. College of Engineering is situated in Bangalore, India. The Alphabet R.V. spells out Rashtreeya Vidyalaya. The Rashtreeya Vidalaya College is a Private College which is providing Technical Education in the Streams of Engineering and Technology.

The College was established in the year 1963, at the time its inception the college has three Engineering Branches namely Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. But as of today the Rashtreeya Vidalaya has offers 12 Undergraduate and 16 Post Graduate Programs and Courses in Engineering.

The R.V. College of Engineering is situated in the Silicon Valley of India, which itself is located in the Heart of the Banglalore city. The entire College Campus is spread over an area of more than 50 Acres of Lush green Surroundings, which indeed offer a feeling of being in line with Nature.

Achievements of the R.V.College of Engineering:

The R.V. College of Engineering has been Rated and Positioned within the top 10 Self Financing Engineering Colleges not only in Banglalore, but also within India.

Departments of the R.V.College of Engineering:

The Following are the Departments of the R.V. Engineering College:

(a)Engineering Departments:

-Chemical engineering
-Civil engineering
-Computer science engineering
-Electrical and Electronics Engineering
-Electronics and Communication Engineering
-Industrial Engineering & Management
-Information Science & Engineering
-Instrumentation Technology
-Mechanical Engineering
-Telecommunication Engineering

(b) Basic Sciences:

Department of Chemistry
Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics

(c)RV Centre for Cognitive Technology

Undergraduate Engineering Programs & Courses Offered:

Bio- Technology
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Electrical & Electronics
Instrumentation Technology
Industrial Engineering & Management
Information Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering

Post-Graduate Engineering Programs & Courses Offered:

-Masters of Computer Applications
-M.Tech : Bio-Medical Signal Processing & IT
-M.Tech: Bio-Technology
-M.Tech: Chemical Engineering
-M.Tech Computer Networking
-M.Tech: Computer Science & Engineering
-M.Tech: Communication Systems
-M.Tech: Computer Integrated Manufacturing
-M.Tech: Digital Communication Engineering
-M.Tech: Highway Technology
-M.Tech: Information Technology
-M.Tech: Machine Design
-M.Tech: Product Design and Manufacturing
-M.Tech: Power Electronics
-M.Tech: RF and Microwave Engineering

Doctoral Research Programs:

(a)Mechanical Engineering:
-Material Science
-Polymer Science
-Composite Materials

(b)Civil Engineering:
-Alternate Materials in Construction Technology

(c)Electronics & Communication Engineering:
-Advanced Wireless Communication Control systems

(d)Computer Science & Engineering:
-Computer Networking
-Data Mining
-Genetic Algorithm

(e)Computer Science:
-Software Engineering
-Mobile Applications
-Cloud Computing
-Data Mining
-Image Processing

(f)Industrial Engineering & Management:
-Modern Manufacturing Methods

Digital Communication Image Procesing

(h)Chemical Engineering
-Herbal Extracts
-Enzyme Technology

The above article was on the R.V. College of Engineering, situated in Bangalore, which is one of the best rated Engineering Educational Institutions in Bangalore as well as in India. For further information on the R.V. College of Engineering please click here http://www.rvce.edu.in/index.php

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