How to quickly solve Reading Comprehension Questions?

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Competitive exams such as MBA, CAT, MAT, CMAT consist of General English as one of the sections for the assessment purpose. Reading Comprehension carries heavy weightage in General English. In exams, due to lack of time, students find it difficult to attempt reading comprehension questions for the obvious reason being the length of the passage.

The format of reading comprehension question comprises of a passage is being presented followed by a series of questions related to that passage.

To start with, a reading comprehension paragraph judges one on the basis of the following points:

a) Reading Speed

b) Reading Comprehensions

c) Analytical Ability

d) Reading Range

e) Memory

f) Question Identification

Let us focus on the above areas in detail:

a) Reading Speed:

On an average the reading capability of a person is approximately around 100 to 200 words per minute. In order to answer Reading Comprehension (RC) questions, one is expected to read at the rate of approximately 600 to 700 words per minute. It should be kept in mind that, while answering questions on RC, a candidate is not expected to memorize each & every single word/sentence given in the passage. One must have the ability to intuitively make out the main idea or figure out the bottom line given in the passage rather than wasting time in reading the secondary stuff. One can get the intuition by means of constant reading across various passages. Continuous reading or going through different set of passages is very important.

b) Reading Comprehensions:

Sometimes if one feels as to not understanding a particular word or sentence, naturally one tends to read it again. But one must remember that they are not expected to know the exact meaning of a word or a sentence (unless otherwise specified by special devices like underlining a word, using italics etc where in one can re-read the word or sentence again. So one must keep on reading. One should develop his/her own knowledge in three areas specifying content knowledge, strategic knowledge, meta-cognitive knowledge.

c) Analytical Ability:

Even if one has understood, what the author tries to convey through the passage, it is possible that, one may not be able to answer all the questions. Few questions examine the candidate’s ability to analyze. Thereby it is obligatory for a candidate to acquire analytical skills, the ability to read between the lines which can be gained only through practice.

d) Reading Range:

Expose yourself to all types of reading materials right from technical field to poetry to literature to philosophical etc. This shall develop your knowledge & reading speed automatically providing a gist of momentum which shall be very helpful.

e) Memory: 

This particular area tests the amount of information retained by the candidate. The greater your power of retaining information, the lesser the effort in identifying the correct answer. Research in reading comprehension suggests that as & when you read any text, you use your existing knowledge to form new constructs.

f) Question Identification:

It is not mandatory to solve all the questions given in a particular passage. The best is to choose right questions consuming less time or can be directly answered in the given passage. By doing so saves time as well as energy.

Hope the above tips on how to quickly solve Reading Comprehension Questions comes handy to you. For further queries or suggestions please write in to us. All the Best!! 🙂

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