How to Pursue Hotel Management

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How to Pursue Hotel Management:

Not only with the advent of Globalization and Liberalization, but also with most of the Corporations be it Multinational or Domestic adopting an aggressive expansion program has led to the rise and the surge in this industry of hotel and hospitality management

Since even the state and the national level enterprises going multinational and global, there is always a need felt by these corporate to accommodate them and relocate them during their tours. Moreover the rise and the increase of seminars and conferences that do take place in several top stream hotels has also been one of the fortune factors of contribution to the hotel management industry.

Thus all potential candidates who are very much interested in this stream of industry can surely join it after the completion of their 10+2 HSC Board Examination. However, its not necessary to wait for 2 years of the higher secondary certificate examinations. There are some diploma courses and programs in Hotel Management as well as some Certificate Courses in Hotel Management too.

Eligibility Criteria:

The following mentioned below is the eligibility criteria for pursuing Hotel Management.

  • Where all potential candidates want to pursue an Undergraduate program or course in hotel mgmt can directly do that after they have completed their 10+2 HSC Board Examinations. The minimum qualification criteria that would be required to pursue an undergraduate program & course would be the 50% aggregate marks in the 10+2 HSC Board Examinations.
  • However, all those students and candidates who could not score and obtain at least 50% marks in their 10+2 HSC Board Examination can also join the Hotel Management Program on the basis of their Diploma Certificates.
  • All interested candidates should be at least 18 years of age for pursuing an Undergraduate program in Hotel Management.
  • All students are expected to have certain mandatory and required skills such as reasoning, numerical and verbal ability, excellent communication and pleasing personality. Also passion about cooking and creativity and experimenting newer and bolder avenues as far as cooking would also go a long way.

Fees for the Course:

  • The fees would usually depend upon the institute of interest but on a general basis the fees that are charged for the course would be around 3.5 lacs to 4.00 lacs.

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