Why Pursue Chemical Engineering from the IITs?

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Why Pursue Chemical Engineering from the IITs?

I very sure, so much that I could even vouch and lay anything on the line, that many, yes many indeed may ask the same question as to “Why Pursue Chemical Engineering from the IITs”, “What benefits could you reap from this Priceless and Incomparable Education Institute?. Well, all I could say is that the answer lies in the question itself? Take a Guess?

The IITs in itself is like a Universe, full of Very well Qualified Teaching Faculty, excellent teaching facilities, loads of syllabus to study and lots of other facilities such as laboratories, projects and domestic and international tie up, and then there’s the campus recruitment facilities (half of your job Searching problems are over) and last but not the least who can forget, getting into it is the most, OK not the most but one of the most difficult things to accomplish.

I would also like to make a point that its not that other Universities and Colleges do not provide good quality education or they do not have experience teaching faculties, but the standard of the course curriculum and the experience of the faculties at the IITs is incomparable, literally second to none.

Getting admissions into the IITs, itself is gigantic feat to accomplish. Ever since its inception it has been conducting and convening entrance examinations all across the nation, so as to admit students to its Programs and Courses. I am sure, if not all at least most of you must have come face to face with banners and billboards running our streets and lanes shouting IIT-JEE or AICEEE or GATE.

Before 2012, the IIT-JEE were specifically convened and conducted for the purpose of admitting students to the IITs. The following are the Courses and Programs, mentioned below that are offered to all those students that are admitted by it.

-Diploma in Chemical Engineering
-Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
-Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
-Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering
-Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
-Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
-Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering
-Integrated 5 year M.Tech in Chemical Engineering

The JEE Examination:

JEE is an acronym that spells out Joint Entrance Examinations, these are the Examination that are held by the IITs for admitting the students. These are held annually, nationwide probably in the month of April, the next upcoming JEE Examination for the year 2015 will also be held in the month of April.

For Detailed and In Depth information about JEE (syllabus, eligibility, results) please visit our Educational website www.careersamosa.com

The above article was specifically written in favour of the IITs, explaining the benefits of pursuing the Degree from the Institution.

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