Professional courses after 12th

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Nowadays, pursing any professional course after 10+2 has become on the most popular choice among the current lot of students. Once they complete their 12th, students start looking out for several courses as per their preference. Students can start looking for courses as per their interests & abilities. The professional courses hone their skills and shape their career for the industry, which they wish to join, such as management, engineering, medicine and law etc. Given below are few Professional courses after 12th which interested students can consider.

Professional courses after 12th

The major professional courses in India along with their features are given below :-

 1. Engineering/Technical Courses

A large number of educational institutes in India offer professional courses in the disciplines of Engineering and Technology. The institutes and universities offer these courses at various levels like undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.

2. Business Management Courses

Management courses are offered by the institutes at undergraduate, postgraduate degree/diploma levels and doctorate level. Later on  one can join corporate houses and multinational companies. Various job opportunities are also available in government sector for degree holders.

3. Media & Journalism Courses

Certainly known as one of the hottest careers these days & on majority student’s wish list. Professional course in this field depends upon its different aspects such as writing, editing, reporting, voice-overs etc. There are number of opportunities available for aspiring professionals in public relations, newspapers, radio, television, publishing houses, websites, advertising agencies and government organisations.

4. Medical Courses

The courses offered in Medical field at the undergraduate (MBBS, BHMS, BUMS, B.Pharma), postgraduate degree (MD,MS and others) and diploma and doctoral level programs. The professionals of this field can make their career as doctors, by serving in government and private hospitals as well as research institutes, medical colleges.

5. Law Courses

After pursuing law course, one can make his/her career in public and private sector as lawyer, teacher, professor, legal advisers, legal counsel or you can aspire to become Judge of any court.

6. Foreign Language Courses

Foreign Language courses are one of the most preferred professional courses in India. Job opportunities in this sector are available in government organisations, publishing houses, research institutes, industrial houses, and media houses.

7. Computer Courses

Previously taking up computer courses was very popular & hence has become common affair. With changing times, it has become a regular task & now one takes up computer courses only to remain updated. There are many universities which offer specialized courses like computer applications, .net, hardware and networking, CCNA, system administration etc., at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.

8.Animation Courses

This is one such field which is expanding by leaps & bounds. Animation is used extensively in digital film making in visual designs & visual effects.  Short term professional courses such as diploma and certificate courses. The institutes offer courses like 2D-3D animation, graphic designing, visual designing, visual effects, digital film making and much more.

9. Designing Courses

Designing courses include fashion designing, jewellery designing, interior designing, apparel, textile and automobile designing courses. The institutes offer these courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.

10. Fine Arts

Fine arts broadly refer the combination of art like painting, dance, drama, music, sculpting, ceramic design, mural design and pottery design. After completion of the course professionals can seek a career in advertising agencies, textile industries and media houses. Dancers, musician, painters can also work independently or on contractual basis.

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