How to prepare for LUCSAT 2015 exam?

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As mentioned earlier, LUCSAT 2015 is all about Lucknow University Computer Science Admission Test 2015. This entrance exam is carried out by the University in order to provide admission to students for getting into Post Graduation course of Computer. Eligible candidates can apply for and get admission in MCA course in the Lucknow University.

The MCA entrance exam is carried out so as to enroll admission to eligible candidates to the University. Candidates need to prepare extensively for the same. A candidate must understand the significance of the LUCSAT 2015 entrance test before applying for the same. Candidates preparing for the exam need to have a focused plan. Let us now understand How to prepare for LUCSAT 2015 exam?

  • On an average, the subjects or topics included in the MCA entrance exam are Logical Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, English. Along with that, questions are also included from the major portions of B.Sc (Computer Science) and BCA.
  • Candidates please keep it in mind that, more questions shall be asked from Mathematics where as rest of the topics are equally shared.
  • Preparing a comprehensive study plan shall help the candidates to a greater extent in order to achieve the goals. Please keep in mind that the plan must be realistic enough & should support the daily needs & schedule.
  • Making a practical plan & studying at your own pace can go well with candidates. Plan can be sucessful only if it helps in reducing stress & increases effectiveness.
  • Candidates must focus more on the weaker areas such as practicing more sums or tricky questions, management of time etc.. If candidates regularly practice these things, they can certainly attain perfection slowly & steadily.
  • Division of time amongst all the subjects is very necessary. One must allot equal proportion of time to all the subjects as well as pay more attention to the weaker subjects.
  • Studying can be fun by laying down clear & specific goals for the learning sessions.
  • Keeping a hand on the study material & maintaining the level of solving difficult questions at a stretch can be helpful to the candidates.
  • Do not take up with long study sections, it is bound to increase your stress level during exam.
  • Include enough mixture of topics as well as activities so as to keep away from boredom & lack of efficiency.
  • Mere practice sessions are not enough but monitoring the progress is equally important for the candidates.
  • Candidates can regularly go through diagnostic tests or practice tests to improve their performance.

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