How to prepare for 12th Board Exams Commerce?

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When it comes to 12th Standard Board Exams, Science students are worried for their power of memorizing formulae, remembering various concepts as well as practicing numerical etc.. On the other hand, Commerce students face different sort of challenge i.e they need to get their calculations right, deal with the vast syllabus as well as study business related terms.

The best way to overcome these challenges faced by Commerce students is to solve as many sample papers  as possible & get your concepts clear as the subjects combine both short length as well as long length questions. board exams of commerce stream needs separate preparation tips. Students need to prepare well in their core subjects such as Accounts, Business Studies, Economics etc..

Here are few tips on How to prepare for 12th Board Exams Commerce? Hope these subject wise tips help you out in scoring well in 12th Boards.

1. Accountancy

Students are expected to clear all their doubts in accountancy while studying. If each & every topic is studied deeply only then they shall be able to answer the questions in the exam. Attempt questions on Company accounts, Cash Flow Statements & Partnership first since these questions carry 60% weightage in the paper. It involves lots of heavy calculations so be careful with that. Show proper working notes. Formats must be clear & drawn properly as well as write down narrations in case of journals.

Go through all the illustrations as well as provide formulae for ratio analysis. Refer & solve as many sample papers as possible. Practice is essential in a subject like Accountancy.

2. Business Studies

Business Studies being a theoretical subject presentation makes it really an important aspect. If a questions asks to “enumerate” or “list”, students are asked to write down only the points. Explanation of each point should not exceed beyond five-six lines. Try to provide headings for topics where ever necessary/required. In case you forget any particular point, do not panic, instead you can write any related point without the heading & underline it within the explanation. Site examples where ever possible.

Stress proper attention on presentation. Keep time to time track with Business Studies revision. Important chapters included within are formal & informal, Delegation & Decentralization, Financial Management, Marketing Management etc..

3. Economics

Economics is in itself a very vast subject. Solve past question papers & trace all the important questions which have high chances of being asked in the Board exam. Present tables & figures in your answers. Prepare effective notes of various terms, definitions & important points chapter wise. These shall be helpful at the time of final revision. Practice drawing neatly labelled diagrams.

You must be clear in your mind with the relationship between variables such as total product & marginal product, total fixed cost & average fixed cost etc..Write down the correct set of figures from the question paper.

Starting a new question from the next page is always a great idea to score good marks. For further help please write down to us at

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