Preparation Strategies for Competitive Exams

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How to prepare for competitive exams?


Those days are goon when percentage mattered a lot and was the only criteria to determine who was fit for a job. In today’s world of competition students needs to be prepared in advance and move on with solid strategies and strong perseverance. There are various competitive exams for students to get into a well reputed institute and for many government and private jobs.

Every year lakhs of students/ applicants appears for such competitive exams. The key excel to in competitive examinations is to start preparing in advance. Competitive exams require both hard work and smart work. Following are a few strategies to prepare for competitive examinations:

Joint good coaching institute- Competitive exams are quite different from usual college level or school level exams, so first step to be taken is join a good coaching institute. You need to follow a different method to approach these exams. A reputed and trustworthy coaching institute will help you with this requirement. Attend the classes regularly and follow them carefully.

Know the pattern of the examination- Acquire up to date pattern of the various exams you may be taking up. This will help you solve the paper better and be more confident in your approach. Take mock tests and see how you fare in them. Take them seriously and improve upon your performance each time and get in touch with your seniors for their valuable advice.

Stay calm and Meditate – Do not panic if you have a large portion to complete in a short span of time. Recognize the importance of meditation. Devote at least half an hour in a day to meditate. However, for your maximum and best performance, try to remain calm and composed. Only then you can figure out where your mistake lies. Your mind will work its best when you are calm. Try and practice meditation on a regular basis.

Exercise and eat healthy food- Do not overlook your health while you attempt to do mind boggling questions. A balanced diet is the most important thing to follow for good health. You will also improve your immunity and not fall sick often, if you follow the right diet. Try and exercise regularly, at least for four or five days a week, an hour each day. It boosts your metabolism and your energy levels. You will then gain more stamina and this is sure to help you in your preparation.

Time management: This is the key to success- Time Management is the most important aspect of your preparation. You should distribute equal time to each section and more time should be given to the section or part in which you feel you are weak. It all comes down to this: how you manage your time. Whether it is while you are preparing for your exams or when are attending your exam. While you are preparing, do not while away all of your time. Even as you attend your exam, make sure you allot proper time slots to each section and attempt it within that as Time is very precious.

Be Disciplined- Discipline is very important to achieve anything.  Follow a strict routine and stick to it. Follow a regular sleep routine as sleep the minimum number of hours required for it is necessary i.e. 7-8 hours. Take power naps in between, during the day, but not for too long. It is very important that you don’t pay attention to distractions and be focused.

Stay energized and motivated- Motivation is very important for factor to succeed in such competitive exams. It is only motivation that can induce positive feelings and thoughts in you, to work very hard and reach out towards your goal. One failure must not deter your spirit. Your will power must be very strong. You should make up your mind to succeed, no matter what.

Do SWOT analysis- SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is a very effective technique that tells you your strengths and weaknesses. Through this technique, you will know where your strengths lie and where exactly you go wrong. Work hard to overcome your weaknesses. Analyze as to how you can minimize them. At the same time, make sure that your strengths and plus points make you stand out.  Polish your strengths and try to perfect them.

Study and practice every day- Practice makes one perfect. Daily practice will be helpful clear the basic concept of methods. Finish your work on a daily basis and do not keep anything pending for the next day. You may get many doubts while studying. Get them cleared from your professors or teachers as soon as possible. Practice different kinds of questions or sources. Refer to various methods and solutions, from many reliable sources.

Know your fundamentals well- Without getting the fundamentals right, it is difficult to proceed with the later concepts of the subject. So it is very important to know the fundamentals related to it. As a result, work very hard if you are not very good at the basics. No matter how hard it is or how much time it take, trust me on this, it is worth the effort. Make very sure that you adopt the right strategy to prepare and attend the exam. And finally, the most important thing, revises your complete portion few days before the exam, and takes rest on the last night of the exam.

These are a few tips/ strategies that can help you prepare and succeed in competitive examinations. So follow these tips and be prepared for any type of competitive exam. Good Luck!!!

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