Post Graduation: Is it Worth it?

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Post-Graduation: Is it Worth it?

I Bet this is “The biggest question that will haunt? and should haunt the minds of all those who are out there in a state of delusion”, not that they are wrong in thinking about it, at all. The fact still remains the same even today when all those that have completed their Graduation in Engineering, are in the same state of mind as to whether one should pursue or not pursue Post Graduation in Engineering.

I have a friend whose father did tell me something about education, Don’t know Whether its Appropriate or Not? And I Quote “ If you want a Job then need a Degree, but if you want to maked Money (lots of money) then you need Brains”

So the main question that arises is “Is it Worth Post Graduating?”. So here is an article that I exclusively dedicate to all those in a deluded state of Affairs over pursuing their further studies in the field of Engineering.

Even if say we believe that “Time is Money and Money is Time” then committing another 2 years after those tedious 4 years of Graduating is quite a thought not to be taken for Granted at all. But still there another saying that goes like this “knowledge that is attained never goes in Vain”.

Now this makes it more confusing, doesn’t it?. Well not to forget that besides the time required to complete your post graduation, there is also a lot of money that is require to be put at stake. All Engineering Courses and Programs, whether be it Diploma or Degree, Masters or Doctorate don’t just come inexpensive.

But if you still look on the brighter side then there is a whole new world waiting out for you, I mean just think about it? The world as we know today stands on a very different note, not the one which it use to be? There are more opportunities and chances that are waiting for you now, then before, all thanks to the development of Science and Technology, (which of course is Engineering in itself)

And today this comes more as a surprise but in this present times, there has been a new revolutionary concept just arisen, and its called Intangible Assets. It mostly covers patents, trademarks, copyrights Etc.

And what are all these Tangible Assets, just in another form of knowledge and education, and the value of these intangible assets are considered to be more that those physical assets. Moreover the level of knowledge and education that is accorded and provided to all these students at Post-Graduation and Doctorate levels is pretty amazing.

So if you think and have the means not only Mentally but also Financially then you should pursue your Dream of Post-Graduation. Also please visit our site for further detailed and in depth information on all graduate, post graduate and Doctorate level Programs and Courses

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