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Long time back the invention of “Camera” was made which sent a viral wave across many enthusiasts in a urge to capture the best moments of their lives. In a way the photographs have become a powerful tool which depicts the best emotions  live. One such profession was given birth eventually known as “Photojournalism”.

Just think of the fact that how difficult it would have been to truly understand what was happening in & around us without the addition of photographs & videos. A Photojournalism Degree has the potential to set your career path. A Photojournalism Degree goes beyond just taking pictures.

Let us take a look at the Photojournalism courses listed below :

  • Photoshop for Photographers
  • Fundamentals of Digital Photography
  • Law & ethics for Photojournalists
  • Black & White dark room
  • Digital Photography
  • Website design for photographers
  • Self promotion & marketing

Scope of Photojournalism

Being a Photojournalist, one shall be working out in the community as well as documenting the news as & when it happens. The role of a photojournalist shall be central to your work. One can work as;

1. Freelance Photographer

It is very well known a freelance photographer doesn’t work for any particular publication but only for themselves. Followed by it, they sell off their work to online publication. One can get busy in photographing in local press conference or you may find yourself travelling abroad.

2. Photo Editor

A Photo Editor is known to work for a publication where in you are asked to assign & edit photographs. along with a great eye for photography you should also be able to write headlines for the same.

3. Multimedia

Many people are prone to get their news online now a days eventually the employment opportunities in multimedia photography is growing rapidly. One can include coursework in Web & Graphic Design, HTML, CSS & Web Publication Programs.

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