On becoming a Professional Golfer

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On becoming a Professional GolferGolf- the word seems to be small but encompasses many more aspects than one can even thought about. Golf is all about hitting shots around a stipulated course by making least number of strokes to complete it. Courses essentially consists of nine or eighteen holes.  If a course has nine holes, it will have to be played twice through to complete 18 holes. For many golf lovers,  the job of a golf professional seems to be a dream career. But one must keep in mind, it is bagged by lots of hard work & patience as well a clear knowledge & a clean spirit for the game.

Golf Professionals can earn by playing on tour or may be even teaching the game at private club or resort. Those who are able to do so are really gifted-golfers. On a major note, majority of professional golfers find themselves as teachers or may be golf course managers but with many years of study & preparation.

Eligibility criteria to become a Professional Golfer

There are as such no hard & fast eligibility criteria to get there. One can rent clubs at any driving range & take up with lessons. There is a difference in becoming a Professional Golfer & an amateur golfer. Amateur golfers play for sport/trophy where as professionals play for money.

Institutes for golfers

Major skills required to become a golfer are;

  1. Immense dedication, discipline & hardwork is involved On becoming a Professional Golfer. Enthusiastic players should be willing to go that extra mile for this sport.
  2. One must keep a strong mind, where in one does not get enough time to react.
  3. Along with that, persistence is needed as well and a really steady hand to concentrate on the game.

Salary of a Professional Golfer

A professional golfer may earn anywhere from Rs.10000/- to Rs.15000/- a month with improvement in the game, it can reach anywhere up to Rs.25000/- to Rs.45000/- a month and for a senior level professionals, it is Rs. 50000/- to Rs.200000/- per month.

Many players such as Arjun Atwal,  Jeev Milkha Singh have contributed to a lot extent so as to bring India on the world map. Share your knowledge with us On becoming a Professional Golfer and help us to become better.

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