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NERIST 2015:

NERIST stands for North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, this imperial engineering institute is locate in Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh is one of its kind. This institute was established by the Government of India, during the year 1983 and the inauguration of the foundation stone was laid itself by one of the former presidents of India Late Giani Zail Singh.

Initially, this institute was set up just as the project, so as to provide an education system for creating technical manpower, especially for the development and the upliftment of the north eastern region of the country.

This institute had its humble beginnings when it was first established in the year 1983, just as a project for providing Manpower,( as mentioned above). It started imparting its academic and educational programs from the year 1986 and from that time onwards, till July 2010 it has been offering a wide range of graduation, post graduation and doctorate programs in several fields of engineering.

The institute conducts entrance examination in several disciplines of engineering such as Civil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Besides offering graduation and post graduation programs mentioned above, the institute also offers several diploma level and base level courses and programs.

NERIST Entrance Examination:

The institute conducts several entrance examinations at various levels for the purpose of admitting students to the programs and the courses that it offers. The Entrance examination are held at 3 levels mentioned below:

  • NEE I: for admission to the Base Module (entry after the 10th )
  • NEE II: for admission to the Diploma Module
  • NEE III: for admission to the Degree Module

Each module has duration for 2 years and comprising of 4 Semesters. These entrance exams are conducted at several examination centres that are located throughout the Northern Eastern States, such as Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura etc. The candidates are selected upon the basis of the marks that are scored in the examinations, purely on merit basis.

NERIST Entrance Examination 2015:

The institute has already begun accepting application forms for the next entrance examination that is going to be conducted in the year 2015. For wholesome and complete information on the examination due date as well as other application formalities , one could also download the institute prospectus.

You could visit for the above mentioned requirements. Our website hopes and prays that the above article would be fruitful  to all those who are scoping out for prospective entrance examination that are going to be held near by.

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