NERIST 2015 1 Mathematics Syllabus

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NERIST 2015 1 Mathematics Syllabus:

The following given below is the NERIST 2015 1 Mathematics Syllabus:

Number System; Whole Numbers, Integers, Rational and Irrational number, surds and rationalization of surds, Real numbers.

Definition of a polynomial; Factorization of polynomials Factorization of quadratic and cubic expression, HCF and LCM of polynomials.

Rational expressions:
Addition, Multiplication and Division of rational expressions.

Linear Equations in one & two variables:
Solution of linear equations in one and two variables by cross multiplication and other simple methods; Applications to practical equations.

Quadratic Equations:
Zeroes of quadratic equations; Solutions of quadratic equations by (i)factorization (ii) method of completion of square; quadratic formula; Application quadratic equations.


(f)Lines, Angles and Triangles:
Geometrical concepts of a point; Angle and a triangle, Angles made by a transversal with two lines; Sum of the angles of a triangle, Different criteria for congruence of two triangles, Properties of Isosceles triangles, Similar triangles, Proportionality theorems, Concurrent lines of a triangle.

Definition, Properties of a parallelogram, Types of parallelograms, some theorems on parallelograms.

Definition, congruence of circles, chords of a circle Arcs of a circle, angles subtended by Arcs and chords at a point on a circle; angles in cyclic quadrilateral; Tangents to a circle; Properties of tangents; to a circle; Chord of a Circle; intersecting in a point; Alternate segments and its angles; common tangents to circles.

Trigonometric ratios of angle of measures; trigonometric ratios of some specific angles; solution of right triangles; trigonometric ratios of completely angles; simple problems on heights and distances; Angles of elevation and depressions.

Area of triangle; quadrilateral, Circle, sector and segment of a circle; Trapezium, Concept of perimeter of these figures. Lateral and total surface area of right triangular prisms; volume of a right triangular prism. Lateral surface area and volume of a right pyramid; surface area and volume of a tetrahedron; lateral and total surface area and volume of a sphere; surface area and volumes of combinations of these solids; volume and surface are of a frustum of right circle cone.

Statistics and Probability:
Mean, Median Mode and their properties, Measures of central tendency; probability as a measure of uncertainly.

Coordinate Geometry (2D):
Distance between two points; Section formula between two points.

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