NATA 2016 Exam Pattern

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NATA 2016 Exam Pattern

The “National Aptitude Test in Architecture” which is also very popularly known as the ‘NATA’ Entrance Examinations, are conducted by the “National Institute of Advance Studies in Architecture”. This is a mandatory entrance examination which is conducted for the sole purpose of admitting all the Candidates and the Students to the Undergraduate Courses and Programs in Architecture.

All those Candidates and Students who have successfully passed out and cleared this entrance examination are admitted to Architecture programs and courses. The admittance to the architecture courses would be purely on the basis of their marks and the score which have been obtained by the Candidate in the NATA 2016 and the qualifying examination in the ratio of 50:50.

Let us move ahead in our discussion and provide you with all the details regarding NATA 2016 Exam Pattern.

NATA 2016 Exam Pattern

The following given below is the NATA 2016 Exam Pattern for the Upcoming NATA 2016 examinations. The below mentioned article on NATA 2016 Exam Pattern covers several aspects of the NATA 2016 examination namely: the nature of questions, the number of papers, the duration for each paper etc.

(a) Number of Papers in the NATA 2016 Examination:

The NATA 2016 Examinations shall comprise of 2 Papers: Drawing Test & Aesthetic Sensitivity Test

(b) Nature of Questions asked in the NATA 2016 Examination:

All the questions asked in the NATA 2016 Examination shall comprise of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

(c) NATA 2016 Paper Pattern for the Drawing Test:

  • Candidates are required to attempt at least 3 questions in the Drawing Test
  • The duration of the Drawing Test will be for 2 Hrs.

(d) NATA 2016 Paper Pattern for Aesthetic Sensitivity Test:

  • The Aesthetic Sensitivity Test shall comprise of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • The candidate is required to answer at least 40 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • The candidate is required to roughly allot at least 1 or 2 minutes for every question in the Aesthetic Sensitivity Test.
  • All candidates are required to note that there shall be No Negative Marking in the NATA 2016 Paper Pattern for the Aesthetic Sensitivity Test.
  • The Aesthetic Sensitivity test shall have a duration of at least 1 Hr.
  • All the Candidates are required to note that the difficulty level of every next question shall depend whether the current question has been answered correctly or incorrectly.

NATA 2016 Syllabus:

Section A:

Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil, Architectural Awareness; Architectural Terminology, identifying commonly uses materials and objects bases on their textural qualities and color. Historical and contemporary buildings of Architectural importance, Architects and their works, Awareness of persons, places, buildings of Architectural importance

Section B:

Scale and proportion, Freehand Sketching of objects and activities commonly seen in the rural or urban/ suburban context such as Furniture, Machine, Landscape, Buildings, Kitchens, playground, Markets, Railway, Platform, Bus stop, Exhibitions, Enlargement of Reduction of Drawings, Mirror Image etc.

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