Nanotechnology Careers

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Nanotechnology is considered as one of the most trending career these days & it has emerged successfully. Nanotechnology is considered as a form of molecular engineering. It is a creation of minute objects, measuring between 1 to 100 nano meters.  To define nanotechnology, it is the application of science, engineering & technology to develop new materials & devices in different materials in the nano range.

Nano is a unit used to measure very small particles like atoms & molecules. One nano meter is equal to one billionth (10-9) of a meter. Nano technology is a unique as well as considered as a special branch of science which combines physics, chemistry, biology, engineering etc.

It involves designing & manufacture of extremely small electronic circuits as well as mechanical devices built at the molecular level of the matter. With the introduction of nano technology, broader avenues are opened up in the world of science & engineering in every field right from medicine to fabrics.

Eligibility Criteria for Nanotechnology

for taking up a career in the field of nano technology, candidates need to have a Post Graduate Qualification in the particular subject i.e they must have an M.Tech or M.Sc Degree in Nanotechnology. Candidates need to attain minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in Bachelor’s Degree. For higher studies candidates can apply for M.Tech in Nano Technology.

Job Areas for Nano Technology

People having a career in Nano technology can find themselves in;

  • Health Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Environment Industry
  • Space Research
  • Product Development & Advertising
  • R & D in research Institutes
  • Genetics
  • Bio-Technology
  • Forensic Science

Salary in nanotechnology

The field nanotechnology is expected to grow like anything the upcoming years. In government sector, a candidate with M.Tech can expect as much as Rs.30000/- to Rs.40000/- p.m It may vary as per the skills and also the industry.

Research centres for Nanotechnology

  • Nano Mission, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi
  • National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi
  • National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune
  • Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh

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