Music as a Career option in India

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Career in Music


Music is one of the most profound professions in India. Music is an human achievement that soothes the mind. Hardly there may be someone who is not touched by music in some or the other way.

Earlier, music was not considered to be viable profession, but at present scenario is different with the growth in entertainment industry music has become a highly reputable and rewarding profession. There is wide range of music forms like folk, classical, pop, jazz, fusion etc that might attract the interest of any person.

To have a career in music it is important to have a genuine love for music, sense of rhythm and time, creative abilities with versatility and stage confidence. As a musician you should have correct promoting contacts with right people, money for making demo cassettes and training.


According to your interest and capabilities, there are various job options for people with music as their profession. With music as a profession, you have some of the good career options you can opt for:

  • Recordings
  • Music Teacher
  • RJ/DJ/ VJ
  • Live shows / music concerts
  • Music composer
  • Music Journalist
  • Music Librarian

Well qualified music professional can also get various employment opportunities with:

  • Music channels
  • Television channels
  • Private FM channels and AIR
  • As a musicologist for music research organizations
  • Music companies
  • Kala Kendra , educational institutes
  • In hospital as music therapist
  • For magazines and newspapers as a correspondent or critic

Education Qualification

To be a musician, you can take up a course in music; the minimum qualification to opt for such courses is 10+2. With the raise in demand of the profession, there are many institutes that offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate courses for music. Some of the institute/ colleges are listed below:

To be successful in this profession of music, you should have genuine interest, talent, willingness to work hard and sincerity. Most importantly to be a good musician you require talent as well as devoted practice. If you love music and are passionate about it then music is a good career option… 🙂

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